About Me

Hi! My name is Debra L Hartmann. 

Welcome to the 411 on Books, Authors & Publishing News! It’s all about supporting our indie authors and their readers by recommending great books across a huge network of followers. I hope you enjoy the site! Let me know if I can host you for any upcoming events. Be My Guest?

My writing:

Writing and editing are two different skills and passions. I am thankful I get to enjoy both. I publish my books under a pen name because they are two very different skills. Though the two skills have parallels, I prefer that authors seeking an editor don’t make their decision based on a book I’ve written and someone else edited, and that may not be an appealing genre or writing style for them personally. From that perspective, the two aren’t related and so I keep my writing and my publishing work separate.

When I went through the process of writing a novel and getting it published the first time, I saw how impossible finding affordable editing services can be for writers. I also found that self-publishing houses are not the best resources for many authors. Though they advertise convenience and excellence, their business model is based on profit by quantity of authors buying package deals and not on quality of the services they are selling. Freelancers are only as successful as their clients are. Literally. Our clients are our resumes and if we aren’t good at our jobs, we can’t keep signing new clients. I prefer to work directly with publishing professionals for my books instead of a company of faceless voices making dreamy promises, and I think all authors should have that option. So my company provides quality, affordability, and access to real professionals.

Please visit my business sites and see how we may get to work together in the future!


My work:

I have over 20 years of experience specializing in managing, consulting, editing, and proofreading in the publishing industry for fiction authors. My career has included working as a freelance sub-contractor for traditional publishing companies, working with corporate documents and manuals, and as an independent freelancer to both traditional and self-publishing authors. I am excited about our indie author revolution and being part of that movement.

I assembled a team of like minded and highly recommended editors, cover designers, formatters, web designers, and marketing specialists who are also published authors to provide the support and services that indie authors need.

Now authors can find everything they need from a hand-picked team with a proven track record of excellence and not have to settle for self-publishing houses who don’t understand their needs like their peers can.

We offer below industry standard pricing and partner you with the same freelancers who work for the big publishing companies. It’s a requirement that my team members are published authors, as well as carrying exceptional credentials in their field. You get to work with a professional who knows your struggle as a writer and understands your needs.



Learn more about what it really means to Replace the Gatekeepers by CLICKING HERE

We are all part of the Authors Helping Authors community and share common goals. Through networking with authors, we have developed a website filled with great articles and resources. It’s designed for authors, by authors, and is quickly becoming a very popular resource for authors of all experience levels. Stop by and have an AHA moment with us!



  1. Authors Helping Authors - Resources, Tips and Helpful Articles says:

    mrsdlhartmann@gmail.com to request a book review and thanks for your comment!

  2. what are your preferred genres for reviews ?

  3. Welcome to Cold, Debra! Thanks for following 🙂

  4. Debra – what’s your email address so that I can gift you an ebook copy of The Bone Church? Great fun with Svetlana yesterday 🙂

  5. aj vosse says:

    Hi Debra,

    Thanks for your kind words over at OMBH. Thanks too for following. I’m going to PM you to see how I can fit in with your services and gain from all you have to offer.


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