Nathan Combs

In the near future, financial collapse of the United States results in nationwide anarchy.

Like dominos, the rest of the world follows the US into oblivion. Nuclear war followed by a viral pandemic decimates the globe, reducing the population to mere thousands.

In America, a group of survivors led by former SPECOPS Captain Wade Coltrane fight to survive and to regenerate society while protecting humanity from the greed of a faux king and a dysfunctional clan of sociopathic killers led by beautiful Russian psychopath, Nina Lutrova.

Will Project Terminus enable the development of a new nation or will greed and evil ultimately end civilization?


A no BS survival guide that takes you step by step through the process of preparing and using a survival plan and kit.

Written specifically for those with little or no survival knowledge or skills and those on a budget. Filled with logical and useful information, When The System Fails contains the information you need to prepare for–what many believe–is about to occur.

Regardless of your level of survival knowledge or experience, WTSF is the definitive survival guide for today’s world and belongs in every household in the United States.

If you’re serious about survival, or if you’re merely concerned, you owe it to yourself and your family to avail yourself of the information contained in this book.


The United States has collapsed and a virulent plague has decimated the world.

Wade Coltrane and his small band of survivors have battled to stay alive and to keep civilization viable for their children. They’ve battled a faux king, and a horde of dysfunctional psychopaths with mixed results, but the most dangerous adversary they will ever face looms on the survival horizon.

Mother Nature is about to wreak further havoc on the remnants of humanity and she doesn’t discriminate between good and evil.