Be My Guest?

We publish guest posts that are pre-written by the sender on a first come, first served basis. Write something new for an event or submit something from your library marketing materials to bring renewed attention. As your host, we’ll also promote your post through multiple social media apps and profiles.

Look through the site to get ideas. Images, especially cover images, are welcome and recommended, but must be sent as separate attachments in JPEG or PNG file types. You may also include head shots and an about the author info section.

Please tell us:

  • What you want the title of the post to be
  • Your preferred publishing date
  • any special instructions, like preferred placement of any images, specific lines to bold, etc.

Otherwise, you can see from our site how your post will be put together, depending on what you send over. We ask that the materials you send are via attachments in Word documents, as HTML or not. As long as they can be easily copied and pasted, we can then format it to be eye catching with the wonderful WordPress tools at our disposal. We can publish and promote your post together!

Once we receive your requested Guest Post, we will confirm the posting date to meet your desired dates to the extent that our schedule allows. Once your post is built we will email you the permalink that you can use to promote your guest post page.

Email us at with a subject field of Guest Posting–Your Name.

We’re excited to help you gain free exposure!


(Temporarily closed to requests. Will reopen this opportunity when work allows.)

I write unique fiction skits laid over your actual interview. You can see examples under Talk Radio with NO Radio. The process begins by you filling out a questionnaire for me to learn about you and your personality and a list that is typical of interviews for authors and we decide on a skit scenario. It can be a book signing on the Moon, a book release party in the Mojave desert, or tea and crumpets in your living room…sky is the limit! I recommend making it an event that is set in something from the book and has characters involved in the event. Next, I will email some clarifying questions and then send you a first draft. It’s important that you help me fine tune your character in this step. It has to be a collaboration for your responses to the scenarios of fiction to be real to our audience. These are a lot of fun to create and you’ll enjoy showing it off for a long time.

Email me at with a  subject field of Author Interview request–Your Name.

Article Marketing Opportunity:

I hope you will also visit the AHA community and consider sharing your own AHA moment with this amazing network of authors. The site is filled with tips, information, and resources important to indie authors. It’s a great place to show off your writing while sharing your own experiences and benefiting from back links that improve your site’s SEO and all the free promotion that we do for you through those articles. Your article shows off your writing and uses keywords with hyperlinks (we can help here) and your credit line gives readers all the ways to find you and connect with you and buy your books. Then we tweet and post about your article on a very regular basis and our network of retweeters increase the exposure. Check it out: What is AHA? An AHA Moment? and then visit our submission policy page at: Policy

~~~~~~~~~~>Debra L Hartmann, Author, Publishing Consultant and Managing Editor with Indie Author Publishing Services and Professional Editor at The Pro Book Editor      More about your host: About Me

  1. I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to guest blog you!


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