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We publish guest posts that are pre-written by the sender on a first come, first served basis. Write something new for an event or submit something from your library of marketing materials to bring renewed attention. As your host, we’ll also promote your post through email marketing and multiple social media profiles.

Look through the site to get ideas. Images, especially cover images, are welcome and recommended, but must be sent as separate attachments in JPEG or PNG file types. You may also include head shots and an about the author info section. Remember to provide working links for your book’s sales page, your website, etc. so our subscribers can connect with you easily.

Please tell us:

–        What you want the title of the post to be

–        Your preferred publishing date

–         any special instructions, like preferred placement of any images, specific lines to bold, etc.

Otherwise, you can see from our site how your post will be put together, depending on what you send over. We ask that the materials you send are JPG and Word doc attachments. Once we receive your requested Guest Post, we will confirm your publishing date via email.


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