Talk Radio with No Radio

What is it?

Welcome to the show! Talk Radio with NO Radio evolved and grew as a result of trying to do something completely different in the Author Interview realm of content. I had been asked to do a couple of interviews from other sites and was sent a list of the same questions, over and over again, and then saw the posts and they all looked a like. I was too bored with it to even read my own interview posted on someone else’s site. It also didn’t make me want to explore their site and see what else might be interesting. Hmmm, marketing 101 – if you don’t like it, they probably won’t either!

Well, now we have this forum for unique author interviews and you can see if you read the oldest forward, my writing has grown and evolved a bit as this developed. I can honestly say that the more recent ones are the best and I feel I cheated the earlier authors by not having this thing where I wanted it before doing theirs…sorry guys, and that is why I keep bugging you to ‘stop back into the studio’ for a follow up.

These interviews are part fiction and mostly real – let me explain. Through email collaboration, I write a fictitious skit around the actual interview and then the author always has the option to approve the skit prior to publishing. The skit itself is supposed to “flesh out” the “character” so that readers can find a personal connection with them and a loyal fan feeling start to develop for that author. Of course, the uniqueness of the whole thing generates more reads and followers every time I post, because people are tired of the same old interviews. Your level of participation is up to you – the more you participate the better the interview and the better the results.

The dialogue is very real in these interview posts, having actually spent a good bit of time “chatting” with each author, just through the convenience of online mediums instead of over the radio. I have really enjoyed meeting and talking to each of them and hope you will enjoy these special sneak peeks into their lives and writing careers!

Email to request more information about appearing on the show!

~~~~~~~~~~thank you!  Debra L Hartmann

Quick Links to each of the interviews, newest to oldest:

Katey Schultz, One the Road Again…

Best-Selling Contemporary Romance Author Mary H Collins

Rachel Beam wrote “Hear Him Cry” and it’s destined to hit the best seller list!

C.L.R. Dougherty on Location in St. Martin for a Book Release Celebration…or is it?

Tell Cotton – Yes that is his real name!

Simon OKill – AKA Phantom Bigfoot

Lori Verni-Fogarsi – Author of these great titles and more: Momnesia and Unexpecting

Lilith Darville – Erotic Romance Writer Extraordinaire

L W Montgomery – Promise of Departure

Joe Prentis – Redemption

Jake Needham – International Best Selling Author

KateMarie Collins – Daughter of Hauk

Megan Weiand with Special Guest Mr. Zane Ellison

Rochelle Weber

Laura Graham

KC Sprayberry

Penny Estelle

Regina Puckett


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