Author Interview – Laura Graham

Debra: Hi, Laura so glad you could join me today!laura graham

Laura: I’m glad to be here, you’ve been really busy lately!  How much longer for the release of your book, I read about your Publish America nightmare on your site?

Debra: <laughs> Hopefully about two more weeks, just need to redo the cover, get it back from proofreading and then format for smashwords.  Thanks for asking!  You’re right, it has been a nightmare.   I am going to be writing an article about it on the AHA site to warn other authors.

KC: Oh yeah, I love the Authors Helping Authors concept you are promoting on your website, you need to write more about it.  Ya know, I thought I’d be nervous but your studio is so relaxing and comfortable, I hope I don’t doze off!  <laughs>

Debra: I’ll nudge you if you do, you stayed up all night writing again didn’t you?

Laura:  Weeellllll….

Debra: Uh huh!  When creativity hits, I know!  So tell me, why did you start writing and what with?

Laura: I began writing many years ago because it was a way of putting my feelings down – in secret. A need to express something deeply within. I never showed it to anyone, of course. I hid it under the bed.  I used a pen and any scrap of paper I could find.

Debra: Neat!  What is your latest book called and could you tell us what it is about?

Laura: My book is called “Down a Tuscan Alley” and its about a protagonist who is 47 when she arrives in Italy with little money, two beloved cats for company, a back alley apartment and a crazy kind of optimism – that’s the hook. With all the odds against her can she make it work?

Debra: I’ve actually started reading it for a book review I want to post in the next day or two on this site and I am enjoying it!  So, what do you think makes your book special?

Laura: I’m speaking directly to the reader, taking their hand and leading them into the story and into my heart – sharing secrets with them.  It’s about risk taking and falling in love as though it’s the first time.

Debra: Cool, it sounds like you really enjoy writing!  Its such a blessing when we can do what we love for our job!  What do you think makes a great story, Laura?

Laura: For me what makes good stories are the characters, how their minds work and what they get up to.  I like a thread of tension to lead me on into surprising events both emotional and physical.

Debra: Well said. I’m curious, what influenced or inspired you writing this book?

Laura: I was inspired to write this story because it actually happened. I believed it might inspire others who would like to do the same thing.  I believe any reader who dreams of changing their life would enjoy this book.

Debra: How long did it take for you to write it, take us from the idea to the moment you published and share any quirks about it all that might be funny or interesting to our readers today?

Laura: It took me two years to finish the book. I sent the first four chapters to an agent. She said she loved it and wanted to see the rest. Never heard another thing. Maybe it never arrived or it wasn’t good enough. I rewrote most of it and then was advised to send it to an American publisher. So I sent it to Solstice never expecting to hear anything. Nik Morton responded saying it was a lovely slice of Italian life and accepted it. Elated, I walked around for a day with the email in my pocket – I was a published author!

Debra: Thanks for sharing that last part especially, now I don’t feel like the only goofball acting like that when I got my first contract!  <laughs>

Laura: <laughs> Me too!  I bet there are a lot of writers that get that way the first time and then laugh about it later when its not such a big deal, ya know, several books later!

Debra: Will you tell us about your history, where you came from, some experiences in your life?

Laura: Sure!  I was born in the Hebrides. No television, few children to play with, only a multitude of sheep and cows, which swam in the sea. At nineteen, having lived in London since the age of six, I won a scholarship to LAMDA, then worked as an actress at The Young Vic Theatre, took the title role in Strindberg’s Miss Julie, understudied Helen Mirren in Genet’s The Balcony, and then played Helena in The Midsummer Nights Dream. I gave up the theatre because I was tired of being other people; I wanted to discover who I was – a lifetimes search.

Debra: Very interesting, you have seen some interesting things, traveled a bit, I bet you have lots of books you could write about your adventures!

Laura: Well I can’t tell all my secrets now! <laughs>

Debra: Understood! <laughs with Laura>  So, one more question then, if this was your last book and your last day on earth, what would be your last words?

Laura: I’d probably say to all those who know me and want to remember me – read the book. And to those who don’t know me – read the book and get to know me – you might have a laugh. And wherever I am, I’ll laugh along with you!

Debra: Perfect!  I usually ask this question and your answer is my favorite so far!  Laura, thanks so much for joining me today and I wish you much success.  Why don’t you take a minute, the mic is yours and tell our readers how to find your books and so on?

Laura: Great, thanks Debra! First, I’d like to say thank you in advance to anyone who buys my books and I truly hope you enjoy them.  I’ve nearly finished my next book: “The Story of Kelly McCloud” also set in Italy and will announce the release soon.  In the meantime, you can look for me on my website at  and I am also on Authors Den,  Facebook, Twitter, “What’s Laura Doing in Tuscany” blog and Amazon profile.

laura graham_down a tuscan alleyclick on the picture to go to the amazon page!

Debra: Thanks again Laura, hope we can chat again real soon!  That’s all for today, wonderful readers…more tomorrow!

Drop a line to to request an author interview/book review starter package.  Have a great day!

  1. Mary Collins says:

    Great interview! The story sounds good. I’m putting it on my “to read” list.

    • Authors Helping Authors - Resources, Tips and Helpful Articles says:

      Hi, Mary! Thanks for stopping by, I’m sure Laura is thrilled to have another reader and you will love her book! I have met so many talented authors since I started this blog site and it has been amazing…stay in touch dear, always a pleasure to chat with you!

  2. Brian says:

    Nice interview, it’s always good to get an insight into the story of the author that’s behind the story in a book.

    • Authors Helping Authors - Resources, Tips and Helpful Articles says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed, they are so much fun to write and I feel like knowing the author better is key to enjoying their books even more!

  3. Nik Morton says:

    An excellent interview and book review. By the time you finish the book, you feel you really know Lori – and by extension Laura. This really deserves a wide readership!

  4. […] –      Learn more about this author at: and her blog site at and here is a link to an exclusive interview with Laura: Author Interview – Laura Graham […]

  5. […] –      Learn more about this amazing author at Laura’s website: and her blog site at and here is a link to an exclusive interview with Laura: Author Interview – Laura Graham […]

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