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It was clear on the first page that the title was appropriate for the book.  I wouldn’t have picked this book to read on the basis of the book cover itself…it just doesn’t do the work inside justice!  I will exclude details about the characters and the plot, the synopsis and the other reviews cover that.  I liked this twistedlovebkcvrauthor’s writing style, very direct and to the point and he did not overuse adjectives and adverbs as I so often see these days. I floated through the prose and slipped into a comfortable journey filled with the images he painted as if he’d used a paint brush instead of the proverbial pen and ink. The quick pace was also perfect for me, building up to each twist and turn as it went along and keeping me intrigued and interested so that it was difficult to put the book down. By the ninth page, you think you have a serial killer story but don’t settle into that thought process, this book isn’t that simple!

Loved the balance of character, location and time period development in this book. I was imagining the scenes as the characters were introduced and enough shared about the past and present to make them real so that they stepped out from the pages. Then as the story moved on and more information was revealed, more suspense was built and more clues to connections between characters and story lines, the layers and mystery folding in and around the story, I found myself gripping the edge of my kindle for dear life! This book had the elements that I enjoy in a big screen hit movie and as the imagery formed in my mind, I associated characters with actors. As the tension was building for the surprising end, I couldn’t help but feel something for each of the characters.

No spoilers here but suffice it to say that you start out reading with several characters and more are introduced very cleverly and timed perfectly to emphasize the twists and turns of the plot and allow the reader to identify with each person before having to learn about new ones. Interesting to note, each story line is told in their perspective POV’s and the author did an exceptional job of adjusting his writing to the intellectual, educational and occupational levels of each character. I can’t say more without risking ruining some aspect of the surprises in this book. If you are a fan of thrillers and suspense, you’ll love this book and if you’re not already a fan, you will be.  This is a must read filled with suspense and mystery and just when you think you have guessed…nope, not yet!

~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Debra L Hartmann, professional editor, published author, book reviewer for the fun of it…. and come have an AHA moment with us at


Unexpecting-cover-198x300From a truly talented author, this book does not disappoint!  This is Lori’s second published fiction, the first being “Momnesia” that is actually sort of a prequel to this book.  However, because of this author’s talent, they are both excellent stand-alone titles, though, I doubt you can actually read one without anxiously awaiting your copy of the other to arrive.

“Unexpecting” is the perfect title for what is a realistic, page turner.  Shelley and David, having almost completely raised their 4 children and about to enjoy their empty nester years are suddenly surprised to learn that David has a daughter from a brief fling between his first marriage and his second marriage to Shelley.  Introduce Alexandra, baby on the way, and Tiny the dog, that is anything but Tiny.  Having just lost her mother, she has nowhere to go.  As a teenager just experiencing such a great loss, pregnant, forced to leave her home, friends and school and very pregnant, she has a great deal of emotional baggage.  The roller coaster that follows is brilliantly woven into, through and around the trials and tribulations of this family as a whole.  You can’t help but laugh and cry along as you are so easily and instantly drawn in and along a journey with the Morsony family.  A good read will always make the reader feel a range of emotions and this one certainly does, from surprise to anger to joy to sadness to sympathy and beyond, prepare to be up all night as you won’t be able to put this book down.

I was impressed with the variety in personalities from all of the characters and how well every aspect of this story was developed and conveyed, primarily from Shelley’s view point with some well-placed, well written, head hops to Alexandra and David as well.  The dialogue was rich and true to each of the characters, the scenes were so crisp that the imagery formed naturally in my mind as I devoured every word!  Even the family pets were intricately woven through the story, so that you could almost see the slobbery grooming that Tiny, the huge lap dog, bestowed on Frick, the old house cat.  A perfect blend of reality and fiction gives this book everything it needs to be appealing to a wide range of readers and the ending itself will surprise and amaze you while leaving you feeling at peace from your rollercoaster journey through the pages.

Also, to note, I loved that Lori included a Reader’s Discussion Guide and information about “Momnesia” as well as the first chapter as a preview at the end of the Kindle version that I enjoyed.  I received an ARC copy in order to prepare a true and honest review.

~ Debra L Hartmann, professional editor, published author, book reviewer for the fun of it…. and come have an AHA moment with us at

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I must admit, I was definitely pessimistic about this title.  I mean really, bigfoot?  Hasn’t the hunt, the hoaxes, the mystery all been done to death?  Read on – this book is not what you think it is and I am so glad I listened to the little bird telling me to read it!  bigfoot_simon okillThis is the book I needed to read after a long several weeks of work, work and more work and its the book that made me laugh so often and so spontaneously out loud that my husband kept asking me “what on earth” was I reading.  Thank you Simon.  Loved this book!

Not surprising that this book already has great reviews on Amazon, so I won’t go into another description of the story itself that is already so well presented by other reviewers but will instead just give you my brief editor-slash-reader impressions.  Simon breaks a writing rule, consistently, through the entire book, over and over again, that would make an old school editor cringe.  He did so with skill and demonstrated great talent as a true artisan in his craft.  His rule breaking made the story that much better.  Rule?  Point of view or head hopping – changing which characters “head” we are in, as the reader, in the middle of a scene or chapter.  This is a rule that should only be broken if it can be done seamlessly and this author, in my opinion, pulled it off flawlessly!  It gave the book an amazing pace that allowed the suspense to build quickly and the actual imagery of the whole town and the people in it to come alive much more quickly than waiting for a writer to introduce them one or two at a time.  Characters, storyline and scene development – excellent – I could visualize everything as I was reading and that is what makes a book enjoyable to me personally.  Could almost smell the disgusting bigfoot stench, though I could have done without that part!

This is a book with adult content, “adult humor gross out novel” is how Simon referred to it, somewhere I read, but I don’t think it was gross, I think it was hysterically funny and refreshingly original.  Though everyone and everything in the book seemed normal (normal as in the variety of personalities, histories, etc. – all of the things that make us each unique, nutty and quirky like people really are), not fiction, and I felt like I could drive right through that town and see those people on the streets, he kept surprising me at every juncture with a twist or turn that just kept me guessing.  Did not see that ending coming and I bet you won’t either.  Truly mesmerizing, Simon, well done!

On a side note, Simon has an amazing sense of humor – I like to know a bit about an author before I spend time or money on a book and I loved that he has so much information available to the public, he is funny, charming and very talented.

~~~~~~~~~~~reviewed by Debra L Hartmann, Owner of The Pro Book Editor at, published author, aspiring blogger and co founder of the AHA community at  – Stay tuned for an exclusive Talk Radio with NO Radio Author Interview with Simon Okill, AKA Phantom Bigfoot, on my show next week!

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