A mother tells her daughter, Emmeline, where her destiny lies.  She sets her sights towards Liverpool, England.  She is kind and innocent.  However, not everyone she encounters is.   Can she trust the duke with her secret?

It is the 18th century. Emmeline’s mother dies after leaving her a clue about her possible future based on her biracial heritage. Emmeline abandons the wealthy estate in North Carolina. She stows away on a cargo brig set for England. A seaman, William escorts her to the shantytown of 18th century Liverpool. A rebellious aristocrat ventures to the unsavory neighborhood. He attempts to befriend her. She initially refuses. Emmeline seeks assistance from a benevolent society. After initial reluctance, Emmeline courts the marquis who eventually announces their engagement. His mother plots with Lady Edna to be rid of Emmeline. Emmeline still attempts to reveal the secret of her heritage while the marquis still seeks her hand in marriage. 

Book Details:

Book Title:  Love Captured
Genre:  Romance
Release date:   September 27, 2020

About the Author

Patricia M. Muhammad is an American fiction author of crossover contemporary romance/science fiction, science fiction/fantasy, mystery/detective and historical romance genres. She has currently written 19 novels.

Before penning fiction, Patricia emerged as an international legal history scholar and academic author, focusing on human rights, international law and restorative justice. She has currently written and published a combination of 21 research papers and academic book reviews in these subject areas. Her work has appeared in the American University International Law Review, Columbia Journal of Race and Law, the Willamette Journal of International Law and Public Policy as well as the New York History Journal. Her non-fiction writing has been cited dozens of times in various respectable academic journals.

Her poem, ‘Uncertainty’ appeared in the April 2020 issue of WritersTalk.

Connect with the Author

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By Eva Graytzel

Understanding Emotions Around Cancer

Explaining cancer to kids is a challenging and important conversation. While unfamiliar and upsetting emotions are a normal response to learning someone you love has cancer, these emotions can be deeply inhibiting and set children on edge throughout the day. Find mechanisms to cope is key in helping children overcome their fear and not be controlled by it.

Change is difficult for anyone, especially children. Children prefer to be kind and well-behaved but these unfurling emotions control their actions. Whether it’s a new baby, a new school, a new babysitter, or a family member with cancer, children will likely not have the words to express their concern.

Ideally, the best time to have a conversation about cancer with your child is when you are both feeling calm. Pick a moment when neither of you are tired, hungry or feeling rushed. A good time to initiate the dialogue is before you read a bedtime story or when you are taking a relaxed drive together.

Address their worries head on. Be honest, clear, and include your optimism for a full recovery. Talk about what your days ahead might look like.  Read a book together like M.C. Plays Hide & Seek and after every few pages, ask if they have any questions. If the answer stumps you, get back to them when you’ve determined how to address their concern.

M.C. Plays Hide & Seek won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award and recommended globally as one of the best books for children about cancer.

Let your child know what they can do to help.

  • Clean up toys so I don’t hurt myself stepping on them.
  • Listen the first time I ask you to do something.
  • Wash your hands when you come in the house, after you use the bathroom and before you eat since my ability to fight germs is weakened.

Request simple tasks and don’t forget to reward good behavior!

Book Details:

Book Title:  MC Plays Hide and Seek: An Empowering Story for Healthy Children Who Care About a Person Living with Cancer by Eva Grayzel
Category:  Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7),  64 pages
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Mascot Books
Release date:   Jan 5, 2021
Content Rating:  G for everyone.

Book Description:

M.C. is a cancer cell who shares just enough information about the nature of the disease to promote dialogue and minimize fear. The scary part of cancer is the unknown. Learn about doctors who look for cancer. Understand feelings children experience and learn ways to cope. Empower children with knowledge and how to make a difference. M.C. Plays Hide & Seek strengthens communication and builds emotional health.

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Eva Grayzel ~ B&N

Meet the Author:

Eva Grayzel is a motivational speaker, storyteller, and cancer survivor. When her children were five and seven years old, she was diagnosed with cancer. Their fear of losing her was deep, real, and suppressed. When she got a second chance at life, she created the Talk4Hope book series to help children understand cancer and make it less scary.

Connect with the author:  website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ pinterest ~ instagram

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Attention, Distraction, Possible: Three Plays 

By Elle Crane

A debut collection of three dramatic works. “Attention” is a full-length play that examines technology’s effect on human communication. “Distraction” is another take on technology by way of a one act play set in an American nail salon. “Possible” is a one act play about healing from grief (2018 State Council on the Arts award recipient). 


Hardcover                  $27.99             ISBN 9781716352331 

Paperback                 $14.99             ISBN 9781716346378 

eBook                         $5.19               ISBN 9781005794996 

Kindle Edition           $5.19                ASIN B08P1GR3WZ 


eBook release                                   November 2020

Print release                                    December 2020


Drama > Women Authors 

Theater > Contemporary


Hardcover | Paperback | eBook | Kindle Edition | Kobo |Apple | Nook

For more information, you can visit Elle Crane’s website.