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The-Love-Equation-A-Frenchman-Reveals-the-Secret-to-Lasting-Love-by-Remi-Gardanne-767x610Say ‘Farewell’ to summer and ‘Hello’ to LOVE

The dog days of summer are winding down…

But there’s still time to find, decide for, and keep the love of your life.

Remi Gardanne’s new eBook is FREE today!
The Love Equation: A Frenchman Reveals the Secret to Lasting Love

Readers who enjoy fun, hands-on, and easy tips and exercises to practice at their own pace will get a kick out of this life-changing book. I gave it to both my kids in their twenties because I felt it will help them find their soul mates. The Love Equation will take you on a journey of discovery and lead you to a love that lasts! The book is refreshing and full of insights illustrated with invaluable real-life stories that will show you the way to friendship, courtship, and ultimately loveship … that is to say, true love.

remi head shotAbout the Author

Remi Gardanne is a relationship coach, boot camp instructor, and speaker helping men and women find themselves and their soul mates to lay the foundation enjoy a happy marriage. Married for over 20 years, he and his wife live in Temecula, California with their two sons. Being French, he enjoys a glass of pinot noir with cheese after the meal, right before dessert. Dessert and cheese are his addiction, he jogs on a regular basis, and enjoys practicing yoga every so often.