Author Interview – Laura Graham

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Author Interviews
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Debra: Hi, Laura so glad you could join me today!laura graham

Laura: I’m glad to be here, you’ve been really busy lately! How much longer for the release of your book, I read about your Publish America nightmare on your site?

Debra: Hopefully about two more weeks, just need to redo the cover, get it back from proofreading and then format for smashwords. Thanks for asking! You’re right, it has been a nightmare. I am going to be writing an article about it on the AHA site to warn other authors.

KC: Oh yeah, I love the Authors Helping Authors concept you are promoting on your website, you need to write more about it. Ya know, I thought I’d be nervous but your studio is so relaxing and comfortable, I hope I don’t doze off!

Debra: I’ll nudge you if you do, you stayed up all night writing again didn’t you?

Laura: Weeellllll….

Debra: Uh huh! When creativity hits, I know! So tell me, why did you start writing and what with?


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