Author Interview – Mary Collins

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Author Interviews
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Mary Collins is the Author of “Out of the Blue” – click here for my book review: “OUT OF THE BLUE”   mary collins

Debra: Oh, here she is ladys and gentlemen, Mary has arrived!  Hi, your running a few minutes late dear, I was about to start without you!

Mary: Oh sorry, traffic was bad, all this snow the last couple of days.  Ugh!

Debra: I know, my son driving to school today had me a nervous wreck! I made him call me when he got there so I’m good now! <laughs>

Mary: Well, what did I miss?

Debra: I was just telling them where to read the book review I did for your book Out of the Blue when you walked in.

Mary: Well, that’s good then, if I’d been a few more minutes would you have done more promo stuff?

Debra: Yep!

Mary: Oh well, I should have taken my time then!

Debra: Ha! Who knows what I would have said though, really, I could have had you selling my book, who knows! <laughs>


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