Cover Reveal – M.C. Muhlenkamp’s New Sci-Fi Collection of Short Stories

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Announcements
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On Wednesday, July 31st, M.C. Muhlenkamp will publish her newest collection of short stories on Amazon. Please visit, the official site of the Markram Battle series where you can find detailed information about the Markram Empire, history, and characters. Today it is my pleasure to participate in the official cover reveal!


Markram Battles is a serialized collection of short stories.

Life has changed. An alien race of evolved humans with supernatural abilities has taken over our planet, as the most recent annexation of their empire. Earth is now a sector where recruiters, also known as unit leaders, come to conscript female survivors into their combatant regiments—battle divisions intended to fight and die in an arena for the entertainment of the masses. The rules of the Battles are simple. Fight. Win. Or die trying.

Seven, a unit leader trained in the Imperial Army with the sole purpose of fighting in the Battles, refuses to die in his pursuit of freedom. But when Thirteen, his new female recruit, defies the rules, she threatens to destroy everything he has worked so hard to achieve. Thirteen won’t give in. Not to him. Not to the system. Not to anyone. Except in order to live, she must.

These are the stories of the beginning, the stories of them who fight, without any possibility of escape.

Where to find the Author

Facebook page:

Twitter: @MelissaMuhlenka


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