What do you like about libraries?

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Announcements

Hmmm…I like the smell of the books, the hushed tones and reserved manner that people have while there, and the static electricity library carpet creates at your fingertips!

Andrew Harkless

Stockholm Public LibraryI like libraries for weird reasons.

I like that the water fountains don’t shoot a steady stream and you always take one in the eye. I like the random chics who look like they were born in a library, then someone delivered their glasses when they reached puberty. I like the cheap carpet and the echo of inspired thoughts from past readers. I like the security guards who have obviously never read a book. I like the fantasy of a romantic interlude with one of the nerdy librarians—maybe in the Nick Sparks stack, among his sappy books? But mostly, I like libraries because inside all their dust covered, hold-in-your-hand editions, worlds and entire galaxies of imagination and possibilities exist.

Libraries…what wonderful places.

~~~~Andrew Harkless writes stories for the Everyman about the Everyman. Coming-of-age stories (regardless of age) about everyman characters who reach extraordinary crossroads where change is the only path. No matter how average a…

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