Phoenix Mysteries : Memoirs of a Born Oppressed (Swaziland) by Mkhonzeni M Dlamini – Life in Swaziland, Africa’s Last Absolute Monarchy

Posted: March 29, 2018 in Announcements

 Phoenix Mysteries : Memoirs of a Born Oppressed (Swaziland)

In a country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique; Africa’s last absolute monarch, Mkhonzeni M Dlamini grew up in the rural countryside of Swaziland at an impoverished village in outskirts of the southern town, Nhlangano. He narrates the sad realities of poverty and oppression in Swaziland as seen in his own life from birth up to university first degree .i.e. 1988 – 2014. His life is typical of the daily suffering of his fellow countrymen, added, his life is so inspirational, he shares how he fiercely and independently wrestled challenges throughout his way to his first degree.

Judged by the terrible predicaments that befell him and the state of poverty at his home, no one could have imagined how he emerged victorious; defying all situations deterring him from accomplishing his dream. His life experience are so baffling and intriguing on the life of the majority and ordinary people in Swaziland and gives an insight on how the feudal system badly impacts on the subjects’ daily lives.

Mkhonzeni is a young graduate engineer; he obtained his degree from the University of Swaziland in October 2014, graduating with a second class (second division) in electrical and electronic engineering. Currently, he is enrolled for a MSc degree in power engineering at National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (ROC) and expect to complete his studies in 2018.

He is single. He is active on social sites, a liberal thinker and believes in a free and democratic Swaziland where political plurality is permissible.Mkhonzeni is the 2016 AIT Business Essay Contest Winner, an annual writing contest across Taiwanese universities. His books are a must read; getting to know Africa from first hand information can be mind blowing. He is active on Twitter and welcomes questions and comments about his writings.

Purchase his book on Amazon here: Go To Amazon

Follow him on Twitter: @MkhoDlamini



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