Drunken Angel by Charles Stoll, FREE Download May 28 – June 1, 2018!!

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Drunken Angel is the story of Daisy Perlman, neglected daughter of a whore, who develops a philosophy of life from her walks through the woods. She grows up to become the most loved murderer in the town of Marmalade, FL.

The book follows the development of Daisy’s conscience, a message to serial killers from the horse’s mouth. The fact that she is completely ignorant of civilized life will make you love her, too.

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Charles Stoll, author of Sorry and Morticum, The Time Thief, and Enigma, is offering his latest novel, Drunken Angel, for free on Amazon from Mon., 5/28/18-Fri., 6/01/18. Click HERE to go to Amazon.

I would like my readers to meet Daisy Perlman, the uneducated, unloved daughter of a whore. Lacking any comfort or trust in her life, she develops a philosophy of life from her walks through the woods.

She makes many mistakes due to her circumstances, including murder, but she becomes the best loved murderer and one of the most respected citizens in the town of Marmalade. Later in life, as Daisy matures, she regrets her former behavior but can’t stop. She sees herself as an equalizer. It is precisely Daisy’s ignorance of the civilized world and her lust for life that will make you love her, too.

After so many serial killings in the USA, I felt I needed to get into the mind of a serial killer to determine the disconnect in their minds. It turns out that disconnection is precisely the reason behind such actions. But Daisy’s philosophy changes in the course of her life when she notices the forest includes all its parts and Daisy is in her comfort zone there. Daisy has a message for everyone who were so sure they were right and later found out otherwise. Her wisdom is boundless, beyond her actions, and you will love her, too.

Charles Stoll

Author Bio – 2018

ANNOUNCING the release of Drunken Angel, the fourth novel from Charles Stoll which focuses on the mind of a serial killer.

Charles Stoll was born on Long Island in 1956. He began to write seriously at sixteen as therapy when several friends died in a fire. In high school, he won a national award in writing (N.C.T.E.) and was granted a scholarship to Syracuse University. Charles was in the Honors Program and joined the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. A favorite writing professor challenged him to write three books in three years to hone his writing skills. He accomplished that goal forty years later when life stopped interrupting.

“My pet peeves: books I feel that I’ve read before, that repeat the same ideas ad nauseum, that don’t answer questions they pose and that have characters that are blatantly good or bad. In my books, I try to place all the truths I have discovered in my own life. My characters have not only bodies, but minds and spirits and their own philosophy of life. The novels all offer fresh perspectives, insightful observations and a deeper message. My objective is to leave the reader with a deeper sense of the wonder and the mystery we call life.

“In my latest novel, Drunken Angel (Gatekeeper Press, 2018), Daisy Perlman overcomes an abusive childhood in the mythical town of Marmalade, learning her own version of life from her walks through the woods, to become the murderer that everyone loves. You will love her complete ignorance of civilized life.

In Sorry and Morticum (Gatekeeper Press, 2016), we visit Daytona a thousand years in the future when mankind is no longer the dominant culture, but life’s problems have a way of enduring.

In The Time Thief (Gatekeeper Press, 2015), Professor Royale, his crazy dad and his inspired students dig up dead bodies and end wars.

In Enigma, discovering the moments that form your life (Gatekeeper, 2014) Joshua Chambers discovers that the real moments that made him who he is were really the small moments.”

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