Sarah Baethge is Using the Launch of her Werewolf Novel to Bring Attention and Donations to Protect the Wolves TM – A Native American Voice for Wolves – Details Within!! Available Now!

Posted: June 5, 2018 in Announcements
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The Illumination Query

A book by Sarah Baethge

Sarah Baethge is using the launch of her werewolf novel to bring attention and donations to Protect the Wolves TM -A Native American Voice for Wolves


What happens when you discover that you are helping evil, and when you can only turn towards the people that you have hurt in the past when you need help?

If the only people wronged are monsters, does that make hurting them Ok?’ -Sarah Baethge

 As her book/series is sympathetic towards werewolves, Sarah decided that the idea of raising money to help wolves in the real world would be interesting to try. She found the organization called Protect the Wolves and admires their efforts to defend the wildlife in Yellowstone and throughout North America. She is curious to see if any of her fans will take advantage of the opportunity she presents of making a small donation towards the protection of real wolves when buying her book.

Curious about the book?

First, the book of The Illumination Query follows the story of Ronald Carpenter as he gets help from a secretive company called The Eclipse. This company takes a shine to him and lures Ronald into working for them in their attempt to capture and imprison supernatural creatures. To prove his loyalty, The Eclipse has Ronald help them take their scientist Dr. Nigel Hunter captive. Ronald and Nigel come to find out that The Eclipse is keeping unusual animals that the average person would not consider real. The Eclipse is keeping these creatures for medical testing because they have no legal protections and many of them, like werewolves, are nearly human.

The story is now told from Nigel’s point of view. We see that he was working in a lab owned by The Eclipse, but he was unaware of the supernatural test subjects. Nigel had recklessly tested a procedure upon himself. The Eclipse higher ups decide that Nigel is as good as a test animal now, and get Ronald to take him captive. Being held with the test creatures, Nigel becomes friends with the beings he is being kept among. He and his new inhuman friends decide to try standing against The Eclipse. Nigel’s only chance now is to get past Ronald.

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