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adriveinacarThis piece is by far my favorite short story ever.  I am a little biased on this one though, I’ll admit.  I lost my father this past year, suddenly and unexpectedly and this story struck a note very close to me.  It actually gave me a comfort that I needed and I thank this author personally for that!

I won’t say that if you have ever lost someone you should read this, everyone has or will lose a loved one and this is a must read for all.  The metaphorical style is flawless and successfully takes the reader’s mind across the years between being a small child and growing into an adult with the influence and love of their father.  An excellent bonus about this read is that the concept is broad enough to allow the reader to apply this descriptive scenario to whomever in their lives affected them in this way and feel it just as deeply.  This author has demonstrated exceptional skills in writing yet again and shows his versatility in writing content from one piece to the next!  Can’t wait to read more from Roger Gerald Scott.

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