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Debra: Hello and welcome to another edition of Talk Radio with NO Radio!

Today we will be interviewing Lilith Darville, author of erotic romance novels, most recently Scorpio Awakens.  She is from Canada and so has a bit of a drive to get here so I’ll share some things with you that I have learned about Ms. Lilith while we wait. In recent chats to set up the schedule for our interview I was so impressed with how dedicated to her writing she is. I mean, really, we all are but for me, anybody that gets up an extra hour and a half before work just to write, 5 am people, really, 5 am this lady is writing already, every single day, wow…I hate getting up early!

Seriously, though, Lilith’s job involves designing instructional materials all day and knowing it would be difficult to do that and then write creatively, she set a goal to write before work everyday. I also learned that she is a lifetime member of the Canadian Authors Association, and their motto is “Writers Helping Writers.” Love this, as a co-founder of the Authors Helping Authors community, my goal is to help others not have the experiences I did when I started out.

Perfect timing, I hear a car coming up the road…let’s see.< heads to window> Yes, that must be Lilith so we’ll give her just a minute to get parked and come inside…here’s a link to her author’s page if you want to take a look while we wait

Neil: Hello? <sticks head in the doors> Debra?Lilith

Debra: Yes, hello, can I help you?

Neil: I’m here with Lilith Darville <comes in, offers his hand to shake mine> she just needed me to ask if your dogs are penned up, she’s a little afraid of big dogs especially.

Debra: Oh, yes, I made sure, she had mentioned that to me, please assure her they are not loose and you all come right in…mobile we go…I’ll come out with you <out the doors and approaches the shiny black Malibu, knocks on window> Hi, Lilith?

Lilith: Yes <mouthed through closed window, cracks window 2 inches down> Hi, yes, I’m Lilith, Debra? I just want to make sure if those dogs are loose?

Debra: No, no, they are in a pen and can’t get out. I made sure dear, you mentioned that you had a bad experience and didn’t want to meet my dogs. All is safe, won’t you come inside?

Lilith: <Neil opens her door> Oh, thank you, just had to be sure, your dogs are just huge!

Debra: Yes, well, living out here in the middle of nowhere, they are great guard dogs.

Lilith: It is absolutely beautiful here, I am so glad you invited me so I could enjoy this trip, this scenery, ahhhhh, this fresh air! <they are holding hands and looking off at the amazing view> Oh, this is my husband Neil, Debra –

Neil: Hello again <chuckles> thank you for having us, this adventure is well timed you know?

Debra: Oh?

Neil: I get to spend the whole day with my best friend who is usually very busy working and writing so thank you.

Debra: Aw, how sweet you are <the couple are arm in arm, smiling ear to ear, sharing occasional eye to eye glances, true love is in the air>

Lilith: It has been a beautiful day for us, we have had ice storms recently and its still quite cold back home and yes, to have him all to myself all day is blissful! <beams up at Neil>

Debra: Please do come in and relax, your trip was good then? <walking through the doors of the studio and into the gently playing sounds of The Eagles on my favorite classic rock station>

Lilith: Oh, lovely <looks all around the studio> and can we leave the music playing? Love this song, oh my gosh, this view <drags Neil by the hand over to my writing desk, pointing out the picture window> its amazing how the view changes from the driveway to this window perfectly placed as it is…it’s like we are on top of the world here!

Debra: I have a fascination with these mountains myself, that view inspires me in so many ways when I need it!

Lilith: All these pictures everywhere, you ride motorcycles, a lot! We once went on a motorcycle adventure through the Rockies with some friends, the views and the clean air were just amazing and I know it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable in a car, you know?

Debra: Yes, actually, that’s a big part of the appeal in riding for me too, you just can’t experience things like you can on a motorcycle. Do you ride often?

Lilith: Neil and I have had the pleasure of some great experiences. I have actually been on the back of a Honda Goldwing, doing 140km per hour once! Not so sure I would do that again though! On the trip through the Rockies, I just don’t have enough words to tell you how amazing it all was. It was like my mind detached when we were going around the hair-pin turns without guard rails, and I imagined what we’d look like if we slid down into the ravine. True story: The friend I was riding with and I got separated from Neil and his driver at one point and when we drove into Canmore, we saw something lying on the road. I asked what it was, and Dave said it was a leg and looked like Neil’s leg. You can well imagine my tension until Neil and Lorne finally arrived some time later (and I was nearly physically ill from worry). They’d stopped to wait out the rain and hadn’t seen us drive by. Dave, who had lived with us for a few years and was like our son (although of the same chronological age) thought the whole thing was quite hilarious. I did not!

Debra: Oh my gosh, I would have strangled him!

Neil: She was so pale and it took her a minute to tell me what happened, Dave was laughing and she was hugging me as if I’d been gone for weeks or something.

Debra: I can imagine…I would have probably fainted with worry until my sweetie showed up. Wow, didn’t know we had this in common, Lilith, you both must come back and visit when we can plan a ride together. We have great roads for riding in this area and my husband and I spend most every weekend just exploring and taking in the beauty here. Winding, curvy roads through the mountains, there is just nothing like it!

Lilith: Wonderful, we’ll get together about that!

Debra: I was just about to put on some tea, would you like some or something else, Lilith, Neil?

Lilith: Normally, I’d love a cup, but Neil’s a coffee drinker, so I’ll join him if it’s not too much trouble.

Debra: Not a problem at all.

Lilith: Lovely, thank you, need a hand?

Debra: No, you relax and get comfortable, I’ll only be a minute. Neil, make yourself comfortable, you can use the bar area, play darts, mess around on the pool table or kick back on the sofa there, just make yourself comfortable, please.

Neil: Thank you!

Lilith: Thanks. Look Neil, a cheese tray, you should have some, Debra can tell us where to go for lunch when we get done but aren’t you hungry?

Neil: A bit, I will have some if you do.

Debra: <hollers from the kitchen> What do you guys do for fun besides motorcycle adventures?

Lilith and Neil at the same time: Golf! —

Neil: You go ahead babe, it’s your interview.

Lilith: We play golf, although I’m not all that good, I do keep up and love the sport. We watched the Masters tournament this weekend. It was nice that Adam Scott won even if he comes across as an arrogant little thing – certainly it’s nice for an Australian to win their first major.

Debra: Here we go, coffee all around, yes, please help yourselves to the cheese tray. Sorry, I can’t chat on golf with you, don’t know a thing about it!

Neil: Well it’s not for everyone, thanks for the snack.

Debra: You are so welcome and Lilith, if you’re all set, let’s get started shall we?

Lilith: Ready when you are!

Debra: This is one of my favorite first questions – When did you start writing?

Lilith: Well Deb, I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. I have very clear memories of sitting on a friend’s porch around age 12 or 13 and writing love-sick poetry about an 18-year-old I had this huge crush on. Of course, he didn’t return my passion, although he was very kind to me. I still have some of those poems, and I just connected with this gentleman on Facebook after all these years. We’re both very happily married.

Debra: Very cool, small world and all that! When you first started writing, how did you write (typewriter, laptop, pen, pencil)?

Lilith: I started with a pen and paper as a child. I still have one of those old steno pads with some of the love-sick poetry in it.

Debra: What is your latest book called and could you explain to us in 20 words what it is about?

Lilith: I’m working on a novella called “Scorpio Begins.” Connor returns to Meredith’s arms after a 3-year absence and learns about love, lust and dominance.”

Debra: What is it you love most about writing?

Lilith: I love designing with words. It’s a great feeling when I’ve crafted a sentence or paragraph that flows naturally and sings with melody.

Debra: Is there anything about you or your writing that makes you unique from other authors?

Lilith: Like everyone, my life experience makes me unique, and I bring that diversity to my writing, which, in turn, makes it unique. Certainly my dysfunctional childhood and the journey of healing I embarked on in my twenties affect my writing and the choices I make as I develop my characters.

Debra: Which kind of reader do you think will enjoy your book?

Lilith: Readers who enjoy my book like to read good erotic fantasy with romance that goes well beyond the traditional romance with the usual set of characters.

Debra: Is it a Standalone, or part of a series?

Lilith: Scorpio Awakens is part of the Scorpio Saga series. So far, I have five books in mind – three full-length novels with two back-story novellas. Scorpio Awakens is the first one in the series and came out in February of this year. Many readers asked for more on Connor’s back story, so I’m working on a novella about Connor’s and Meredith’s love story that I expect out this summer. Next will be Scorpio Rising, which is the follow up to Scorpio Awakens. That will keep me busy for a while. <big smile>

Debra: What influenced or inspired you writing the series?

Lilith: I’ve always enjoyed writing erotic romance. I started my first erotic romance in the 90s and proudly took submissions to the editing circle I belonged to at that time. The published authors in the group discouraged me from continuing, telling me that I was “wasting” my talent, etc. I put away the novel that later became “Scorpio Awakens” and wrote a coming-of-age novel. However, I continued to write erotic stories for my husband. <grins and looks across room at Neil who returns her grin>

Debra: You two are awesome…it’s truly wonderful to see such love between two people! It seems to be the exception and not the rule these days unfortunately.

Lilith: Neil and I have been together for over 20 years, and our love and passion for each other just keeps growing and growing. He is my best friend and biggest supporter. We enjoyed a great time with the creation of Scorpio Awakens. Each day, I’d print what I’d written and we’d take it to Starbucks where he’d give his critique. We had some very animated discussions about the scenes, especially some of the sex scenes and a few times people moved to another table, presumably because the topic was too “spicy” for them. <both are laughing as she speaks about this> Our fantasy life was one of the motivating factors for me starting to write erotic romance a number of years ago. We’ve written stories for each other for many years. One of the most special moments in our life together was when Neil proposed the Double Diary to me – yes, that is based on real life, although the diary entries I use are made up for the story. We are on Diary #5 now, and we treasure these reminders of our love.

Debra: How wonderful and you are truly blessed. My husband, Bob and I, are just as enamored with each other, though we don’t share writing, we share everything else and talk about everything. That’s what really stood out in what you just shared, you talk about everything and certainly that lends to strengthening your wonderful relationship. Aside from love’s inspiration, who are your favorite authors that also inspired you?

Lilith: I think I’d have to say that my favourite author of all time is James Lee Burke. His talent fascinates me, and I’m awed by his writing. His ability to make the reader live in the skin of his characters simply takes my breath away.

Debra: The Scorpio series, Why did you choose this title? Was it your first choice?

Lilith: They say write what you know, and I know about the astrological sign of Scorpio because both Neil and I are Scorpios, as are several close friends and family. Since Scorpio is the sex sign and those born under it are enigmatic and mysterious, it struck me as being a great title for a series. I also wanted a title that was somewhat unique. When I searched Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised to find that only one other fiction book with that title came up, which was the “Scorpio Illusion” by Robert Ludlum, another of my favourite authors. It was my first choice and stuck with me.

Debra: What was the hardest part for you working on your book?

Lilith: The hardest part was finding time. I wake at 5am to write. When I started Scorpio Awakens in 2009, I was working 12 – 14 hours per day as a director while balancing that with home and family.

Debra: I was sharing this with our readers before you arrived, absolutely amazing…that is probably what kept me from writing sooner, no way would I get up that early. Love your dedication to your craft! Tell us something about you we won’t find on the internet?

Lilith: I taught disco dance in the 80s.< laughs> So clever slipping that in the middle of all these great questions by the way…you got me!

Debra: Ya know, I just think readers want to know about the author, not the stuff everybody puts in those author profiles but what is that person really like and some how that enriches their reading experience. It does for me. So, where can we find more about you and your books?

Lilith: My website will be ready shortly. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Twitter (lilithdarville), Like me on Facebook, I have a profile and an author page, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Pinterest or Tumblr.

Debra: If you were to write a novel outside your usual genre, which genre would you like to experiment with and why?

Lilith: I would revisit the coming-of-age novel I wrote. I found it very challenging to explore the emotional, physical and sexual childhood abuse my protagonist suffered. At the time, it was cathartic and the final leg of my healing journey. I’ve often thought of writing a sequel to it exploring the struggles the protagonist experienced as she learned to embrace her sexuality.

Debra: What came first, the idea for your first book or the decision to write a book?

Lilith: Interesting question. I’d have to say the idea came first as I’ve had many ideas for books for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if it was a conscious decision to write a book; the drive to do it is part of my core.

Debra: Have you ever had an idea which was inspired by a real life incident, but which you ultimately decided not to include in your story because readers would think it was too farfetched?

Lilith: Not because it was too farfetched, no; however, I have omitted a childhood abuse scene based on a real-life incident I read about, that always stuck with me, from Scorpio Awakens because of my concern that it would disturb my readers since so much of the romance genre is based on the concept of “happily ever after. And as I mentioned, I’ve kept our real-life double diary entries out of the book as well. Not because they’re too far-fetched, but because they’re our gift to each other.” <another silent message passes between her and Neil>

Debra: If your book, was made into a movie who would you want to play the main character and why?

Lilith: Johnny Depp would play Connor because he’s the only actor I can think of who is the epitome of Connor’s mystique and charisma. Neil disagrees with me here; he envisions a Brad Pitt type, like his character in Meet Joe Black or in Legends of the Fall. As for me, my books are romantic fantasies, and who better to have a tryst with than Johnny Depp. Okay, maybe Brad too. <big grin>

Debra: I’m gonna have to go with Neil on this one Lilith – Brad Pitt, especially in his Legends of the Fall role, that bad boy element is there and that long blonde hair, I’m a huge Brad Pitt fan and I have seen that movie, I don’t even know how many times, HOT!  <clears throat, drinks some coffee, smiles and shakes head to push the Brad Pitt images away>  Umm, where were we?  Oh, yes….  If you were to write a story featuring a fictional character from any movie of your choice, who would you choose and why?

Lilith: I would chose Bruce Wayne/Batman, as played by Michael Keaton, because I absolutely love super-hero movies and think it would be a great romance.

Debra: Ah, something else we have in common Lilith, I am a super-hero movie buff actually, especially Marvel Comics heroes. Very cool! So, if your book was made into a movie and you were asked for input into the soundtrack, are there any songs that would work especially well for any particular scenes?

Lilith: Music is an integral part of my life, so a soundtrack ran through my head for each of the scenes. In one of the scenes, Connor is listening to “Best of my Love” by the Eagles, which is one of my all-time favorite bands. As a point of interest, I’ve started a playlist for Connor, Kat and Tim on Pinterest.

Debra: If you could choose someone famous to record your book in audiobook format, who would you choose as the voice and why?

Lilith: I wouldn’t choose anyone famous. I get my daily reading fix by listening to recorded books, most of them from Audible. There are so many great professional narrators who bring the books alive for me. I’m thinking of Will Patton, who does many of the James Lee Burke novels; or Dick Hill who does many of the Lee Child Jack Reacher novels. By the way, Jack Reacher is one of my heroes. Lorelei King, who does many of the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels and she makes me laugh! I think there should be an award show to celebrate the best narrator.

Debra: Interesting. Are any of your characters based heavily on people you know or have met from real life and if so, would they regard it as a compliment or an insult to discover they were the inspiration for the character in question?

Lilith: I am passionately attracted to my husband and have been since I met him at age 14, although I didn’t much like him at the time because of theage difference. I used to spend hours looking at him, I thought he was that beautiful, though he’d insist that men aren’t beautiful, but I disagree. Both Tim and Connor started out being based on different sides of Neil’s character, although Tim is the one most closely based on his physical looks. Neil thinks it’s a great compliment that I’m writing about him, although he’s much too humble to admit it. <eye contact between these two lovers the entire time she is speaking fills the room with a sense of adoration and sweet and tender love>

Debra: Are any of your characters based on yourself and if so to what degree, and do you find it easier or more difficult to write characters based on yourself?

Lilith: I guess that to some degree Katherine is based on my character; it’s hard for me to say to what degree though. Certainly her looks are loosely based on mine, though she’s much more perfect than I am, and many times she responds the way I’d respond. That being said, as with all my characters, she took on a life of her own as the book developed.

Debra: Are there any good book blogs or websites you would recommend, both for discovering new books and authors, and also for promoting your own work?

Lilith: I would have to say that Goodreads is one of the best that I’ve found for promoting my work. It will be interesting to see how much Goodreads changes now that Amazon has acquired it.

Debra: Are there any book blogs or websites which you would recommend for an author looking to find potential reviewers for their book?

Lilith: Yes. I’ve recommended your article on finding reviewers on Authors Helping Authors to a couple of LinkedIn groups. I found Goodreads to be a good place to look for potential reviewers.

Debra: Oh, thank you! We are trying to get the word out so that more authors can find the support they need starting out especially, it can be so lonely and overwhelming. Would you rather have great reviews but average sales or great sales but average reviews?

Lilith: Shucks, Deb – can’t I have both?!?!? I think I’d vote for the good critical reviews as they are a great source of motivation and learning.

Debra: If this was your last book and your last day on earth, what would be your last words?

Lilith: I love you, Neil. Look for me in your dreams.

Debra: Any last words for our audience?

Lilith: I appreciate the support I’ve received over the past year from my readers. I’d love to hear from more of my readers; all comments are welcome.

Debra: Thank you for doing this interview and I am so thrilled you both came out…

Lilith: Thank you so much for having me. It’s been delightful spending this time with you.

Debra: I hope you can stay a bit and maybe do some sightseeing after a lovely dinner downtown? Double date?

Neil: Sounds like a plan. I’m starving now. Show us some good local dining. Oh, and thanks for the cheese and crackers; they hit the spot.

Debra: You’re most welcome. Let me wrap up and we’ll be off. Thank you readers for stopping in for today’s show and here are some links for you to learn more about Lilith Darville and her wonderful books: awakens