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HIke up Devils mountain - new coverThis 26 page novella written for the middle grade reader was so adorable and I am thrilled Penny asked me to review it.  Andy, Jason and Danny are such believable kids, reminding me of my own son at that age and the trouble he would get into.  A lovely switch from the normal reads for me, I have to recommend this for your middle grader or even if you just want to slip into an easy read and a fantastical adventure peaking in on the boys as they adventure their way to the top of Devil’s Mountain.  The author used her wonderfully descriptive writing style to easily draw pictures in my imagination and I followed along as an excited observer!

As you read you can feel each of the characters’ regret for disobeying his mother and their fear at each close call as the elements intervene in a mysterious and exciting way to keep them from making it to their destination.  Along the way the boys learn to help each other and start to turn their rivalry into friendship. Lesson filled with a great surprise ending this read is very age appropriate for kids age 10-14.

Reviewed by Debra L Hartmann, Published Author, Blogger and Professional Editor

Penny Estelle is a multi-talented author with many works of literature across different genres.  There’s a fairly complete list at the bottom of the interview with links for you to go check them out.  I say fairly complete, because by the time you read this, she will have more out for sure!  With me today is writing powerhouse Penny Estelle!  <audience cheers and as Penny virtually walks in and sits down across from Debra>

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