Special Guest Lori Verni-Fogarsi and Blog Tour/Book Release Announcements!

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Author Interviews, Blog Tour Hosting, book reviews, Recommended Reading
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Lori V. FogarsiI will be hosting a special book release event blog tour for Lori – we’ll start with her interview on April 19th and then a review of “Unexpecting” on April 25th.  The official release date is 4/19/13 and I am thrilled to announce this sneak peak of the excitement to come!  Here’s the 411 on her other books and who she is, connect with her and stay tuned for the upcoming events!

AUTHOR BIO: Lori Verni-Fogarsi has been an author, speaker, and small business consultant since 1995. She has been featured in media including “Lifetime Women’s Network,” the “My Carolina Today Show,” and “Boston Globe Forums Live.” Her public speaking has occurred at many prestigious venues including “North Carolina State University,” “Nassau Community College,” and many more. She has received two awards for her novel, “Momnesia,” and her nonfiction, “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs,” continues to be one of the most highly recommended in its genre since 2005. Lori is a happily married mom of two, step mom of two more, and has two cats, both rotten. She is very excited about the release of “Unexpecting,” and enjoys getting to know her readers via social media and in person. She invites you to learn more at http://www.LoriTheAuthor.com.

VERY SHORT AUTHOR BIO: Lori Verni-Fogarsi is the author of the hot new release, “Unexpecting,” as well as the award-winning novel “Momnesia” and the nonfiction, “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies & Adult Dogs.” She enjoys interacting with her readers and invites you to connect or learn more at http://www.LoriTheAuthor.com.


Unexpecting cover                          momnesia book cover                 Housebreaking Dogs Book Cover



  • “Unexpecting”: Shelley and David are a couple of almost-empty-nesters preparing to embark on the next stage of their lives. They just ordered white furniture and planned the vacation they’ve waited their entire lives to take when Alexandra, seventeen and pregnant, shows up on their doorstep and announces that she’s the daughter they never knew they had!
  • “Momnesia”: Feeling invisible under all the responsibilities of caring for her family, a suburban mom sets about finessing a new version of her old vivaciousness… seeking balance between her “momminess” and her “sexiness!”
  • “Everything You Need to Know About House Training Puppies and Adult Dogs”: Whether you have a puppy who is first learning, an adult dog with ongoing confusion, or simply want to teach your pet to use a designated area, this book answers literally every housebreaking question!




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