Book Review – “The Lost Jewels of Hera” by Kelly Abell receives 4 stars and a “By the Gods, that was HOT!” Shout out

Posted: June 6, 2013 in book reviews

thelostjewelsofhera_KellyabellIf you like Greek mythology, Indian Jones and Lara Croft, you’ll love this book, too!  A fast moving, sometimes predictable read, this book takes you through the search for the lost jewels as Kindra pursues her life long dream to find them.  The blend between reality and mythology was brilliant, not over done or understated.  Kindra is a strong character, with flaws that make her seem so real and plausible…like Kindra is out there right now searching for her next find even after the book ends.

The jewels represent each of the four elements and tie the truth of our planet’s destructive forces to the mythology of Gods being able to control those forces.  Zeus and Hades attempt to influence Kindra’s success or failure, keeping a well balanced ‘good versus evil’ conflict moving right along this Paranormal Romance.  There are aspects that are too good to be true and Kelly has turned that negative into a positive by expertly making the characters so believable.  The adjective rich descriptions are for the most part not overdone and allowed rich imagery to form as the words leapt from the page and became a colorful movie filled with special FX in my mind.

Kindra is incredibly believable, more so than Laura Croft and stands out as a strong, capable character.  She is flawed, imperfect and sexy!  The story spans different areas of the world and makes you feel like you are right there, watching the events unfold.  The action themes could have been longer, but the sexy/romantic scenes were just right!

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