Book Review – “Once Upon Another Time” by Rosary McQuestion

Posted: June 18, 2013 in book reviews
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4 Stars and a “Beautiful Story with a Twist!” Shout OutONCE+UPON+ANOTHER+TIMEcover

It’s no wonder this book made best-seller status on Amazon.  It’s a great romantic read with a paranormal twist and lot’s of humor.  Certainly a variety of readers will relate to one or more of the characters in this story.  Despite a previous review noting proofreading errors, the author seems to have addressed almost all of them by the time I read the book.  My only note of critique will be that the characters could have been more visually developed, allowing me to see them in my mind better and it was a bit of a long read.  Still, overall, the book is very well written and was difficult to put down.  For those readers that want a story that doesn’t end too soon but is longer and very enjoyable, this is definitely the right choice.

Aubrey McCory is the lead character, widowed some 7 years earlier and still very much in love with her late husband.  Her friends pressure her to move on and date, fixing her up with blind dates as often as she will concede.  She is struggling with supernatural events that have her feeling like she’s loosing her mind while trying to lead a normal working life and raise the child she was pregnant with when her husband died.  Tension and some mystery build after this is all established and painted in adjective rich prose and you’ll have to see for yourself.  I particularly enjoyed that the writing demonstrated a very realistic way that we see things, respond to things, interact with each other and behave during events we can’t explain immediately and doused with just the right amount of humor through out.  This was a tough subject to write about and the author’s style and approach were clever and skillful.  The book really makes you wonder and want to believe in miracles.

No spoilers here, you’ll have to add this book to your collection to learn all about the rest of the wonderful characters and to know if she was going crazy or does she find out why her husband’s ghost keeps appearing and does she move on to find love again?  The rollercoaster ride through this romantic paranormal read will be worth it!

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