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Posted: September 7, 2016 in Announcements, Blog Tour Hosting, guest post
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by Namrata

namrata head shotNot many moons ago I used to work as an investment banker whose life was spent more in trains, planes or on road rather than at office.  Somewhere during those long waiting hours Metro Diaries was born. I could see people all around me, of various shapes and sizes and the die-hard romantic in me saw their love stories with rose tinted glasses. I changed cities and later on countries, that is when I saw stories behind those people which were more about life than love.  And so I began capturing them once again to create a Part 2 of Metro Diaries which is a collection of Life-stories.

What is the difference you might ask? They are about people, their lives, emotions and most importantly relationships. What is different is, they are beyond just love. You have a father and a daughter’s story, a lonely man in his 40s looking for the meaning of life, a prostitute who defines relationships in an incomprehensible manner and many more such characters who at a glance are people next door but when seen deeply are much more than just that.

It fascinates me to see how on single emotion of love can interpreted (and misinterpreted!) in so many ways. Surprisingly none of them is wrong! It is all about perspective, and that is what Metro Diaries brings in. It makes you look at things the way you would have never seen before perhaps.  After quitting my job I started travelling more to satiate the wandering soul in me rather than see the world. On the contrary it left me hungrier for whatever I saw wasn’t somehow enough. I wanted more of the stories I witnessed and experience more of their lives.

Some of these stories were emotionally draining for me because I connected with them deeply but today when I read them again I know I have healed. That is the magic of stories; they heal you through the words of others. Those people who at one moment were complete strangers have now become the nimit – the divine instrument in bringing peace to my life.  The first part of the book denoted hope for me as I wrote it while I was in one of the worst phases of my life. The second part denotes strength as it made me push my boundaries in a lot of aspects and gave me the courage to finally move out of my comfort zone.

This book has no love stories. It is not that I never found them again in my travels, I did and that too in abundance.  As of now they are lying wrapped in flowers between pages of my diary till I bring them to life again. When I announced this book, someone asked me “You are still stuck on it?” And I smiled, “Metro Diaries is as much about us as much as it is about me. It can never end. I might keep returning to it again and again with new found aspects of life captured in my words.

Metro Diaries 2 by Namrata Just Released!
Quotes from Metro Diaries 2:

metro diaries -2All the money his parents earned sadly could never buy a moment’s peace for any of them as they kept drifting away like lost constellations into the space. Together they surely were in a way, but light years away in every manner. There was absolutely no connection between them. They just were like every other thing that existed in the universe… the oceans, the sky, the earth, the stars, the sun and the moon. You couldn’t change anything about them even if you didn’t like the way they were. – The Last Kiss (Metro Diaries Part 2)

You are enough in everything and anything you do in this world. Others are here to serve as a distraction so that they reach their goals before yours and become winners. – The Last Kiss (Metro Diaries Part 2)

At times in life we always see what we are being shown and not what lies behind that cloak of disguise. We believe all that comes our way without doubting that there could be a trick or maybe just a hallucination. – Charlatan (Metro Diaries Part 2)

Life they say is a like a jigsaw puzzle and we are all like those pieces trying to find where we fit in. – Labour of Love (Metro Diaries Part 2)

Perhaps she had forgotten the thumb rule for survival here. There is nothing called yours here.  No will, no desire, no dreams, no ambitions….nothing. Not even your name. – The Plummet (Metro Diaries Part 2)

What else do you do when you are a teenager? Life seems to be one long party full of fun and frolic with your best friends all around. You just know your world is full of rainbow colours; sweetness of chocolates filling it and abundant beautiful dresses to doll you up.  Love and relationships take a different meaning altogether now making you look at everything around including yourself in newer light. – Love v/s hate (Metro Diaries Part 2)

I always felt I knew what I wanted in life. But today I realized how wrong I was. I was chasing mirages as the reality kept going away from me and now I am left with nothing in hand – Rags to Riches(Metro Diaries Part 2)

People make memories and then reach a phase where memories make people! – Mou Athena (Metro Diaries Part 2)

About the Author:

Namrata is A Lost Wanderer who loves travelling the length and breadth of the world. A published author in various anthologies and magazines she enjoys capturing the magic of life in her words. She is forever in pursuit of a new country and a new story.

Contact the Author:

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