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Welcome To Opine – Matthew Marullo

Nine billion years into the future, the rogue planet Earth is captured by a blue dwarf star in another galaxy, eventually culminating in the rise of Homo Sapiens 2.0.

Imagine a member of the ancient humans had buried deep in the earth a quantum computer containing a vast, digitized compendium of humankind’s history and achievements, all preserved within petabytes of quantum memory.

This new human civilization, calling their planet Opine and themselves the Opinions, the first “i” pronounced with a long vowel, were granted the valuable benefit of hindsight. After spending decades studying “Ancient” history, the Opinions endeavored to expunge selfishness from the human genome through a genetic therapy called the Self Suppressor.

But what happens when one person develops a natural resistance to the therapy? Would he then represent a threat to the gene pool? Will the Opinions be able to correct this genetic anomaly, or perhaps adapt it, in the interest of regaining a sacrificed part of their humanity?

One voice may know the answer. The voice of the man who originally buried the quantum computer billions of years ago…


In his new book, Post-Traumatic Thriving, Dr. Randall Bell weaves science and academic research with true stories from survivors of the Holocaust, crime, disasters, addictions, depression, death and other tragedies to explore the rare thriver’s mindset.

“The science is so good in terms of the brain neurology and understanding what we go through when we go through trauma and the five stages of grief,” Dr. Bell said. “But the science is also spectacular when it comes to the techniques that get us from just surviving to thriving.”

Filled with strategies backed by science, including his “dynamic duo” of healing, Dr. Bell takes it one step further by showing readers how these strategies have been applied to help real people (some will sound familiar) not only recover but also thrive after a traumatic event, including:

• A deaf man with a glass eye invented the electric guitar and became a household name, remarkably wealthy and most importantly, happy.

• A convicted murderer took responsibility for the damage he caused, graduated with honors from college, became a minister and turned around the hearts of the most hardened criminals.

• A girl born with cerebral palsy landed the world’s first starring role on national television and spoke at the White House three times.

• A woman hid in a basement for years and lost her entire family in the Holocaust. She eventually found true love and paints stunning artwork.

• The sister of a murder victim helped millions of women in toxic domestic relationships.

• A woman’s car crash resulted in an addiction to prescription drugs, a divorce, a loss of her children and a cot in a homeless shelter. She has rebuilt it all back and more.

• A man set to go to the Olympics had his hopes dashed by Jimmy Carter and went on to build a worldwide business empire.

Ultimately, Dr. Bell documents the science of happiness, as well as the individual styles and common thread that all post-traumatic thrivers have to emerge with fulfilling lives.

“This is a life skill we all need because by college age, 66 to 85 percent of us have been impacted by a trauma,” Dr. Bell added.

About the Author

As a socio-economist, Dr. Randall Bell has consulted on more disasters on earth than anyone in history. Dr. Bell is widely considered the world’s top authority in the field of post-traumatic thriving. His clients include the Federal Government, State Governments, International Tribunals, major corporations and homeowners. Dr. Bell believes that “the problem is not the problem — the problem is how we react to the problem.”

Often called the “Master of Disaster,” he is squarely focused on authentic recovery and resilience. Dr. Bell’s research has been profiled on the Today Show, Good Morning America, every major television station, BBC Radio, Success Magazine, Forbes, Inc. Magazine and the international media.

For more information, visit, or follow the author on Facebook (; TikTok (@posttraumaticthrivingpod), Twitter (coreiq) or Instagram (coreiq).

Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science, & Stories of Resilience

Publisher: Core IQ Press

Release Date: January 10, 2023

ISBN-13: ‎979-8218022648 (hardcover)

ISBN-13: ‎978-0996793193 (paperback)

Available from and all bookstores

Helping American citizens realize their biological potential and live free from the burden of chronic conditions is the moonshot at the core of surgeon-scientist Firouz Daneshgari’s powerful new book, Health Guardianship: The Remedy to the Sick Care System.

In it, Dr. Daneshgari draws upon more than 30 years of research to offer an unflinching look at the systemic dysfunction caused (primarily) by America’s fee-for-service healthcare model — and proposes effective solutions.

“When you use healthcare services as a source of revenue, everything we do … has side effects or complications,” he said.

Among those complications: Approximately half of all healthcare services delivered in the United States are a waste; there’s a tremendous lack of transparency and uniformity when it comes to prices; and intermediaries such as hospitals and insurance companies have come between doctors and their patients, Daneshgari explained.

“We have built a system specialized for sick care, and yet ironically we expect the results of ‘healthcare’ from it,” he said.

In Health Guardianship, Daneshgari details a framework for a new healthcare paradigm that prioritizes mitigation of health risks and elimination of chronic conditions, and rewards guardianship of health, not delivery of sick care services.

“My aim is to generate a national dialogue and movement toward a path forward that will create the next model of healthcare delivery. A model that will have all the medical and technological advances, and yet it is accessible, affordable, high quality and consumer-centric and not provider-centric,” Daneshgari said.

He describes how this new model can be implemented using the existing primary care infrastructure, with the integration of virtual health and wellness services to make proactive, consumer-centric healthcare as convenient and affordable as shopping and banking.

Acting like a whistle blower who calls out the existing dysfunction of the system, Daneshgari offers an imminently available remedy that would create the next generation of healthcare that is accessible to all, affordable by everyone and will provide the quality desired by healthcare consumers.

About the Author
Firouz Daneshgari, M.D., is a surgeon-scientist, educator and entrepreneur who has worked at the University of Colorado, Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University. He has published more than 200 scientific articles, led numerous scientific and clinical panels, and trained hundreds of students, residents, fellows and junior faculty.

Following implementation of the Affordable Care Act and approval of its mandates by the Supreme Court during 2010-2012, he founded BowTie Medical to create systematic innovations for bringing efficiency and value into the healthcare delivery system.

In addition to Health Guardianship, Daneshgari shares his views on healthcare and the path forward through his podcast, Why Can’t We Have it All? The Missing Pieces in Our Healthcare (

For more information, visit

Health Guardianship: The Remedy to the Sick Care System
Publisher: Merack Publishing
ISBN-10: ‎ 1957048646
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1957048642
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