Guest Post: How I Created the Life of My Dreams – by Laura Emily

Posted: September 1, 2018 in guest post, Recommended Reading
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Embracing Your Divinity

Laura Emily teaches us to appreciate and notice our inner being.

By taking the reader on a journey through her own experiences, Laura teaches us to listen to the universe and allow ourselves to follow the path the universe is trying to take us on. She tries to make us understand that even though we may not think the universe is on our side or that things are not meant to happen, something has not happened yet because we, as individuals, are not yet ready to receive this event. Once we accept the universe’s plan and allow things to happen, whether they are good or bad, only then can we truly reach our full potential.

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Laura Emily, also known as The Happiness Coach, considers it her mission in life to help uplift the planet and encourage a shift in the consciousness that people have today. Laura currently does one to-one coaching through her website,, to help others achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams and awaken their connection to the Universe.

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“I enjoyed every day and was grateful for every morning, every afternoon and every evening. I
surrounded myself with people I loved and people who made me feel great. As the months rolled on
I started visualising my life to come surrounded by great friends and a wonderful man. I did not
visualise this to bring it to me, I visualised it only because it made me feel wonderful. Looking back
I can see how aligned I was to the Universe because I spent everyday happy. I would drive to work
and say in my mind, ‘I have the most amazing husband, friends and family.’ Eventually, this image
of a handsome stranger became a familiar image in my mind. I saw a checked shirt and an
impressive physique with thick hair that I could run my hands through and a sense of humour that
always kept my cheeks rosy. Many times in my visions he would stop by for a cup of tea and ask
for ‘a real cup of tea made by a real English lady,’ as he was not English himself. Sometimes I
would imagine him busy at work in his office, sometimes I would imagine him relaxed and playing
his guitar to me and sometimes we just danced in the rain in Central Park. One of my most popular
visions was him and I walking through the park, dancing, talking, laughing and sometimes he
would stop me in my tracks and sing to me. He adored me and his spirit made me fly. To me, he
was real. He was so real that anytime I felt down I would go to him in my mind. I remember a
particular time that I was feeling incredibly sad and I was crying in my car on my way home. I
relaxed myself and went within and poured my words out to myself. I spoke out all my feelings and
frustrations, but I did it as if I was with him and telling him about my day. After I had done this I
naturally visualised his response. He was so gentle with me, he was kind, he spoke to me with love
and comforted me. To be honest, I did not even realise I was doing this because it just all came so
naturally. Like I said, he was real to me and after he comforted me I felt a lot happier.
“Then, one day, after having an inspiring conversation with my older brother, I decided to book
a trip to New York City. It was a place I had been to a couple of times and have always wanted to
eventually live once I found a way of doing so. After hanging up the phone with my brother I
walked into my job that day and told my boss I would be leaving. Many people laughed at me,
some told me I was irresponsible but I was making decisions with my heart now, not my head, and
in that month my life changed once and for all.

“On August 8, 2015, two weeks before I was due to fly, a message popped through on a social
media website from a handsome gentleman in the United States. When I say handsome, I mean the
most handsome man I had ever seen with the kindest blue eyes, the biggest smile and the most
intoxicating laugh I had ever heard. After a brief chat, he wished me well and left the conversation.
I was desperate to talk more. I did not know his name or where he was from but I wanted to. I
wanted to know everything about him. It was not just how I felt about him, it was how he had made
me feel through a few words we had shared back and forth. He had so much energy it was

“The next day he reached out to me again. I was over the moon. The more he shared his life
with me the more I realised how wonderful he was. He was kind, generous, ambitious, funny and he
loved the Universe like I did. His name was Bobby. He was a business man doing extremely well in
his field. He had toured in a band for many years previously and he still liked to play guitar and sing
now and then when he had the time. He had written many beautiful songs and sang many to me. His
voice was unique and totally perfect and I could barely listen to a song without feeling a rush of

“When he asked me what was going on in my life I told him I was traveling to New York City
for a month. He was so excited about the idea and keen to hear about my adventures. Within a
couple of days he had asked me if he could fly over from where he was in San Diego and take me
out because he thought it would be a shame if we never got to have lunch together. I was thrilled.
We made immediate plans and within two days he had his flight and hotel booked and time off from
his hectic job.

“A week later there I was in an apartment on the Upper West Side, which was perfect and
everything I had visualised. Three days after I landed he knocked on my door. I ran down to let him
in and finally got to see those blue eyes in front of me. His trembling lips kissed me and it has been
magic ever since. He spent five days with me before he flew back home and I was grateful for every
minute. We explored the entire city on foot. We shared tasty food over storytelling and the driest
wines we could find. One of my more memorable evenings was sitting at a beautiful restaurant
enjoying Italian food and wine. After the meal was over he leaned in and asked if I wanted to walk
with him to Central Park for a dance. I was beaming from ear to ear as we walked up one block to
where the park was located. Here, we shared our first dance and as we did, it began to rain. There I
was, dancing in the rain in Central Park just as I had visualised. It only rained for about three
minutes. To me, it felt like the heavens had opened to allow me the moment I had once visualised
where he and I were dancing in the rain under a tree in Central Park. I thank God for that moment

“The very next day we were walking alongside the park again and he turned to me and asked if
I liked the idea of getting married in Central Park. I was lost for words. This was something I had
always wanted but never expressed to him. It was like a moment of perfect fate had brought us
together, like he could read my thoughts, like I was stepping into my own self created future. Later
that day he walked me to a spot in the park that he said would be great for a wedding. It was a busy
area but we managed to find a spot to stand and enjoy the view. As we did this I heard some music
playing in the background but not just any music. It was a piece of classical music that I used to
play and visualise walking down the aisle to many years prior. Where was it coming from? I looked
around to see a man playing the cello and playing this exact piece of music perfectly. All I can say
is that I was absolutely stunned. Not only that, after pointing out how beautiful this music was to
Bobby he then turned to me and said, ‘I have always wanted this song played at my wedding. It
would be perfect for you to walk down the aisle to.’

“To this day he still asks for his cup of tea from a real English lady and I always say yes.
Everything about him is what I visualised and nothing has been left out. This for me was my biggest
moment of realisation that we can create exactly what we want and as long as we always go with
thoughts of love we will always receive.

“I believe that if I had not followed my instincts to leave my job and get on that plane then we
may not have met. Our instincts are our inner being guiding us and our inner being never gets it
wrong. One thing I have learned these last few years is to only make decisions out of love. Do not
make haste. Do not make decisions out of fear or revenge or anger because sadly, they will not end
well. Living in alignment will always bring you what you want.”


To understand ones self, one must understand the infinite power that surrounds our mind, body and spirit.
There are many universal laws that surround us, the Law of Attraction being one of them. It is the most
powerful law within our Universe and it tells us that like energy attracts like energy. Our Universe shall
always match the frequency in which our energy is vibrating. When we know this we notice it. When we
look around, we see it. Those who are speaking of their lack are always losing out. Those who are speaking
of their prosperity are always receiving.

We may all look like unique beings on the outside, but we are all the same within. We are all souls, here
to create in this physical realm, but that soul, our inner being, is still with us. It is always with us, it just gets
ignored sometimes.

We may look like we group together in friendship circles based on our similar interests and hobbies, but
we do not. We are grouped together because our energy matches those around us. We may see a group of
people sat around a table, laughing and giggling, and we may even notice that they all enjoy similar material
things like clothes, jewellery and make-up, but actually underneath all that they are vibrating at the same
frequency, which therefore draws them together. This is what is happening everywhere. It happens on a
small and large scale.

The power that we have as a human race is phenomenal. We create everything as an individual and as a
whole. We create the good and the not-so-good. We create the welcoming manifestations and the detrimental
ones. We create the physical wealth and the physical disease. We create the emotional abundance and the
emotional turmoil. We create the sunshine and we create the hurricanes.

We are always being guided. When we walk into a situation where the energy does not feel good we
naturally walk away. This is not because it does not match ours, because it does; it is because we have
experienced a sense of our own negative energy and left it behind. It is like walking into a physical
manifestation of your own negativity and you did not like it. If we did not like it when we walked into the
room then why would we hold it in our hearts? We feel it in different ways, through different urges and
cravings, we walk this way, go that way, talk to this person, avoid that person. It all seems like every day
life, but what is truly happening is that you are a magnet. My soulful friend Stephen Conner, author of ‘The
Divine Spirit’ and who also appears in this book, calls it your ‘inner magnet’, which is extremely accurate.
That magnet attracts only to its counterpart and so we are naturally weaving in and out of different energies
and frequencies depending on what frequency we are on. Therefore, happiness attracts happiness and
sadness attracts sadness without fail. Our energy is always changing too. We tend to bob up and down on this
universal current. Sometimes we stay aligned to it for a while, whilst other times we seem to dip in and out
of it. This is why some days can feel like we are neither here nor there.

We also see this in the people we run into. We run into friends who make us laugh, we cross paths with
those who are helpful, we float by the ones who are smiling. This is when we know we are vibrating at a
high frequency. It is when we run into people that displease us, we cross paths with those who are impatient,
we float by the ones who are frowning: that is when we know that we need to check back in with ourselves
and connect with our inner being once again. The Universe is always right. The sooner we know this the
sooner we can use it to our benefit and create abundantly, for we are abundant beings. We can use what is
around us to see where we are at and fine tune our vibration to our benefit, or we can ignore it and act like it
is wrong and believe that we cannot possibly be feeling that way and continue to struggle through everyday
life as we always have. The choice is absolutely ours, but it is important to remind ourselves that the
Universe is our friend and it is not showing us things to upset us, offend us, or create something purposely
unpleasant. It is only ever matching us up to where we are at that moment in time. There is good in
everything; if we know how to look for it. The Universe is never wrong. It never sends people to you to test
you, only to teach you. If you are facing someone who is upsetting you then this is your indicator to pick
yourself up.

The Universe is always guiding us to the best thought. It is always wanting us to be as aligned with it
whenever possible. Every single moment in our lives we are learning something. Even if it is small, or seems
small, there is something. We are constantly growing and expanding; there is evidence of it everywhere we
look: if we look for it. The more we connect to our inner being the more we see things as the Universe does
and so the more we see our power, our worth and our growth.

The Law of Attraction is always at play and we can never shut it down, it will never stop. Whether we
can understand it or not; it will continue to be and so I ask you to ponder over its power and use it for its
purpose. It is there for us to create a delicious experience.


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