Fighting the Blurred Line Between Family and Duty

Posted: April 3, 2020 in Announcements, guest post, Recommended Reading

When you’ve been preparing for something your whole life and don’t even realize it…

Now available in eBook and paperback!

Mark Collins holds a strong sense of duty and commitment to his family, teammates, and career. A consequence of this mindset is that Mark finds himself locked in a never-ending struggle for sleep, family normalcy, and his sanity as he provides for the safety of others.

While Mark and his squad fight the day-to-day battle with the tormented and demented members of society, they must also contend with the nepotism and good ole boy club running rampant throughout their department. With the support of his wife, Mark endures the rigors of the job while he gives continuous consolation to his daughter’s misgivings about his frequent absences from the family. These comforting sessions begin weighing on Mark, driving him to question why he remains in his chosen line of work.

Along with the support of their families, Mark and his teammates find serenity in the deep-seated camaraderie they share. It’s through this bond of trust that they obtain solace from the heartache they encounter from the job and in their personal lives.

If these “normal” trials and tribulations aren’t enough, Mark’s squad receives word that they have been chosen to carry their department through a state emergency preparedness exercise—an exercise Mark will soon learn should’ve been carried out under a circus big top.


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