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Insurance-Greed-31Despite the World Health Organization predicting a 70% increase in cancer cases worldwide over the next 20 years, there remains no cure or vaccine. One man from North Carolina, disgusted by the lack of progress and with his own father dying from pancreatic cancer, angrily embarks upon a personal crusade to find a cure before it’s too late. In the face of personal tragedy, he defies the odds and stumbles upon a cure that could change the course of history, only to find the real battle has just begun.

“If you stumbled upon a cure for cancer,
would you throw it away?”


LogoA Questionable Cure is a newly released fact-based fiction novel about a man who finds a cure for cancer – and then throws it away. It’s disturbing and funny, informative and entertaining, heartbreaking, surprising, and sobering. In his debut novel, Roger Gerald Scott calls into question much of what many of us might like to believe about the people we are and the society we live in.

“Shines a light into true facts about cancer, research, the medical profession, and the pharmaceutical industry, which is funding research for its cure – but also profiting from its existence.”

A Questionable Cure  was released worldwide on March 11th

Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle 

Read what British journalist Aysha Mendes said about this novel: CLICK HERE

“…refreshingly original, written with authenticity, and with bewildering revelations around every bend. Not to mention the impressive handling of American terminology and detail from Scott, who is a Brit living in Norway.”

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About Roger Gerald Scott

Roger was born in 1970 in Surrey, England. After his education at Oundle School and Oxford, he embarked on careers in music publishing, songwriting and software engineering before eventually settling on a career as a professional musician. He now lives in Norway.