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Mystery / Suspense

Date Published:  May 2016

Carrie Ann Benton and Rodney Buchard have been in love since grammar school. Her father, federal judge Horace Benton, has forbidden them to see each other. The reason? Rodney’s mother is Mexican, a fact that will hurt Horace’s prospects of becoming governor of Arizona–and one day, maybe president of the United States.

The judge needs the money and support of affluent voters–which excludes the likes of a so-called “half-breed” like Rodney. Instead, Horace aligns himself with the state’s many powerful cattlemen.

Defying her father’s wishes, Carrie continues her secret romance at an undisclosed rendezvous point inside Fire Mountain, unaware that someone is tracking them–someone prepared to end their relationship for good. Meanwhile, Earl, a wealthy cattle baron’s son, is duped into following their trail in hopes of professing his love to Carrie and separating her from Rodney once and for all.

After an accidental death, US Marshal Max Greystone arrives to investigate and begins to unravel a twisted web of lies, deceit, and intrigue. Will the truth be uncovered before more people lose their lives?

 About the Author


John Henry Hardy was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and served more than thirty three years in the US Marine Corps. At the end of his first stint, he attended Rutgers University and was awarded a bachelor’s degree there, and later a master’s degree in Business Management at the University of Phoenix. As a Public Affairs Officer for the Marine Corps, he wrote numerous newspaper and magazine articles that were published throughout the United States. One of his published articles earned him the George Washington Honor Medal by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, and for another press release he was awarded the Freedoms Foundation Honor Certificate. He also taught college for several years and now lives in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife Lucy, and is continuing to enjoy his writing career.


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Kane Moss, a rather large, easygoing cowboy who would prefer to be left alone, finds himself leading a small posse on a bloody trail of reckoning.
Their remote Wyoming mountain village burned and pillaged by a murderous gang they are charged by their elders to find the gang and take their retribution. Little did they know that their pursuit would take them from their small mountain village to Ojinaga, Mexico. Kane Moss is no stranger to trouble. He has travelled a considerable part of the West riding shotgun on stages and participating in posses hunting for stage robbers. He has a strong code of honor learned from his upbringing and tries to do right. Sometimes naïve in trusting others he makes blunders, but always manages to come out on top. His determination is one to be reckoned with. Klatchard Bordiaz, leader of the murderous gang is a man full of hatred and contempt for anyone who has earned a decent life. He is intemperate and unrestrained having viciously killed his first man at the age of fourteen. He commands a large gang of murderers and thieves known as the Klatch Gang. On their way back to Ojinaga from a cattle drive to Montana they attack a small mountain village in the Medicine Bow Mountains of Wyoming Territory. Burning, raping and plundering the residents of this unsuspecting mountain village they stir up a hornet’s nest of angry mountain folks who are unforgiving when done wrong.
Among Kane’s posse is a young woman, Sarah Jane, who lost a brother and sister in the raid on their village. She is a determined woman and will be put down by no man. Nothing will stand in the way of her seeking revenge on the Klatch gang.
Sometimes humorous and rollicking, at other times deadly serious, their determination never fades. Through false leads, blunders and marauding Indians they manage to catch up to the raiders in the lawless village of Ojinaga. Here they find they are also up against the Mexican Rurales. The odds of success are overwhelmingly against them as Kane Moss and his small posse faces the intemperate and cold-blooded Klatchard Bordiaz, a much-feared vicious killer and gang leader.

About the Author

C. D. Tuttle was born and raised in Central Oklahoma. Through learning from his great grandmother, who was in the Oklahoma land rush of 1891, and the experiences of his father, he developed a passionate interest in the old West. He spent his formative years on a farm in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. Well educated in the sciences, he spent his professional life as a geologist, zoologist and naturalist. Throughout his travels to wild places around the world, he never lost touch with his Western upbringing. He has resided on the western slope of Colorado for the past 20 years.


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Probably. If you are reading this, you may belong in a support group for reading addicts…or at least a book club. Same thing, right? Seriously, though, a quick update to share a couple things happening at the end of February before it’s too late for you to add to that huge library of books you have:

Author Jeffrey Poston has an action thriller series and a historical western series and is giving one of each away for free and discounting the rest to 99c for 2/27 and 2/28 in honor of Black History Month 2015. (CLICK image to find them on Amazon)

booksbyJPoston_black history month 2015 promo2_FB Sized

You have to check out the “making of” posts he published on his blog this week, too. His characters are a cross between Clint Eastwood, Wesley Snipes, and Samuel L Jackson, I think. The westerns show what frontier life for African-American people was like and about the Buffalo Soldiers, which was very interesting. American Terrorist was a thrilling read and, from his own experience, shows us what it would be like to be tangle with law enforcement when you’ve done nothing wrong. Now, I don’t usually read either of these genres, but I was so glad I did because I really enjoyed them–all 6 of them!

Making of “American Terrorist: Where is the Girl?”
Making of “Warriors”
Making of “Courage”

Next, don’t miss your chance to win 1 of 10 paperback copies of Andrew Harkless‘s new literary fiction novel, U Got to Have U Some Fun–entries must be in by 2/28/15 or you’re guaranteed not to get one of these signed copies right around the same date they become available for sale to the public. That’s right, the eBook has been for sale since October of 2014, but both the paperback and hardcover versions are coming out on 3/10/15!


Watch for another update very soon when we reveal the upcoming mainstream radio spots where you can hear Andrew talk about…well, wait and see! In the meantime, stop by Andrew’s website and chat with him on Facebook and/or Twitter. I know he’d love to hear from you and there are some pretty interesting details on his site, about how the cover was made, a short story he wrote recently, and what the heck IS an Everyman novel?

Life is too short…U Got to Have U Some Fun!

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