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Debra: Hi Megan, great to see you!  Whose this you brought with you?

Megan: Well you know how you sent me that list of questions to prepare before we did this interview?

Debra: Of course…<staring at Megan’s guest>meganweiand

Megan: Well one of them was about which one of my characters would I invite to a dinner party and since you and I are too busy to have a dinner party anytime soon, I thought I’d bring the answer to our interview session.  This is Mr. Zane Ellison!  The first reason I have for picking him is because um, hello, he’s HOT!

Debra: Wow, what a great surprise today and yes he is hot!  So since he is your character, can you just have him stand over there and look sexy while we try to focus here….that’s good, just out of my peripheral vision so I can attempt to read my notes.  Thanks!  Alright, so tell us a little more about Zane would you?

Megan: Sure, he’s a singer and if we were having a dinner party, I would have him serenading me all throughout dinner so I could imagine I am Hazel in this book.  Zane is the perfect guy for me and if I’m completely honest what guy isn’t irresistible with a guitar?  Teach a nerd how to play guitar and sing and people will no longer view him as the nerd.  It’s just how our minds work.

Debra: I couldn’t agree more!  Wow, ok, look back down at the notes, Deb, ah, here we go, next question…


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