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Spending so much of my time on social media with you all, I had to take a moment just to share a special post with you and wish you all a happy holiday weekend. To those that are remembering friends and/or family lost in military service, thank you and God bless you and yours.

May everyone’s steak, hamburger, or hotdog cook perfectly on the grill and their beers, wine coolers, or sodas be perfectly chilled by the ice in those coolers on tailgates everywhere!

I will be celebrating and remembering this year. Remembering: Michelle’s Miracles. Celebrating, as my family and friends come together tomorrow for a cook out and see my only son off on his journey to the US Army in a just a few more days. Best wishes to you all!

~~~~Debra L Hartmann, Widow of a Navy Veteran, Proud Mom of a Soldier, your fellow Tweeter, Poster, and Blogger…
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memorial dayI wanted, needed to do something a little different today.  While Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the military, for me personally, its a sad day.  It always falls right around my birthday and my soldier isn’t with me anymore to share that day with me.  He died years after his service, after getting out of the military, like many other service men and women.  He died as a direct result of what he did during his service in the military.  It took me 3 years to finish a short story I wrote, hoping it would honor the months I had with him before he died, the memories that he wanted so desperately for me to be left with instead of the reality we lived while he slipped away.  I share this, not to bring attention to my writing or to receive well wishes or sympathy from the public, please save them, I don’t need them; but instead to honor other men and women in various branches of military service that died years after serving and after spending the rest of their lives fighting the system to help them survive once they got out and to let the ones in that battle now know…you are not alone.

You can read that short story by clicking on the title below:

Michelle’s Miracles