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Political Thriller/Suspense
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When former naval intelligence officer Jack Steele opens a letter from his aunt, he makes an immediate decision to head to Nome, Alaska. Although he hasn’t seen Marie in twenty years, he’s concerned when she tells him her husband, Uncle Jimmy, is in trouble. From the moment Jack picks up that envelope, he knows he’s about to enter a situation better left alone. But loyalty to family is stronger than a gut feeling.
Jack, a private investigator with Connor, Steele & Harrison Private Investigation Agency lands in Nome and discovers that Lindberg Research Corporation has been using the people of that city as guinea pigs to perfect mind-control research. He has stumbled onto a massive conspiracy that has held hostage the noble people of Nome. The plot threatens America’s way of life, the life of the vice president of the United States, and Jack’s own survival.
Alone and without his usual resources and special equipment, Jack is over matched and is nearly killed before he can even scratch the surface of what’s really taking place in Nome. Jack must elude an ex-Special Forces Green Beret—a man who has sworn over his dead son to kill Jack—and work around local law enforcement and other mysterious forces in order to save the people of Nome and the vice president of the United States.

About the Author
Dennis Quiles earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in business administration. A US military veteran and a veteran of the protection business, he is the director of global security services for one of the world’s largest multinational corporations. Quiles and his wife have three children and currently live in Illinois.

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memorial dayI wanted, needed to do something a little different today.  While Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the military, for me personally, its a sad day.  It always falls right around my birthday and my soldier isn’t with me anymore to share that day with me.  He died years after his service, after getting out of the military, like many other service men and women.  He died as a direct result of what he did during his service in the military.  It took me 3 years to finish a short story I wrote, hoping it would honor the months I had with him before he died, the memories that he wanted so desperately for me to be left with instead of the reality we lived while he slipped away.  I share this, not to bring attention to my writing or to receive well wishes or sympathy from the public, please save them, I don’t need them; but instead to honor other men and women in various branches of military service that died years after serving and after spending the rest of their lives fighting the system to help them survive once they got out and to let the ones in that battle now know…you are not alone.

You can read that short story by clicking on the title below:

Michelle’s Miracles