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She is not ‘just a girl’ by any stretch of the imagination. When she walks on stage everyone screams with anticipation. Stepping up to the mic she feels the power radiating from the crowd—she sees the fire and longing burning in their eyes—She hears their hearts skip a beat and their breathing quicken with excitement. They have come for her, and she is ready to give herself over to them completely.

She sang—waiting for him to come—hoping he would. Then she saw him. Black hair and bright blue eyes. She would know him anywhere! She could smell him moments before he appeared and now to have him in the room—she almost couldn’t control herself. Their eyes connected and she watched, as he move through the crowd. When the song was over and the crowds’ shouts were muffled she excused herself from the stage.

They met in the center of the dance floor with hundreds of people around them, and yet they felt like they were the only two people alive. On one knee he looked up at her deep, chocolate brown eyes and confessed his hearts desires. “My heart in your hands I place. Please treat it with care and no disgrace. My love for you will forever be. Until the end of time and throughout eternity.” Her heart sank and she melted into his arms. She wanted nothing more than an eternity with him.

They shared their first and last kiss. When he finally let go and pulled away her eyes burned red. A smile of sadness revealed her fangs, and then in a second they bore into his skin. Tears fell from her eyes and a cry from his heart… “I know you can’t help it my love. Please don’t cry for me now.”

Blood Angel Series Cover Poster

© Nina Soden

Author, the Blood Angel Series