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Three college juniors. A swim team. A manipulative coach. Unexpected life circumstances. A girl struggling with her sexuality. A story that you will not forget.

Angels Can’t Swim is a novella that captures so many elements of the life of a student-athlete, from mental health to sexuality to relationships. While partially a story about swimming, it is also the story of finding yourself, finding your voice, and figuring out who you want to be. Focusing on college students and those around them but dealing with issues that cross the lifespan, readers from young adult all the way up will all enjoy this book and find something in one of the characters that sounds a little bit like them.


My new book, Angels Can’t Swim, will be available on Kindle June 22. The book is a novella that focuses on college swimmers, sexuality, and mental health. Please check out my website to learn more! Excerpts below…

“On a medium campus in a small town near a big city, two teammates trudge through the snow to breakfast after Friday morning lift. One is tall, one is shorter. One is shy, one is chatty. One is slower, one is fast. One is gay. Both are exhausted.

They are friends. They speak but don’t speak; talk about practice and class and their other friends but not about the things that live inside their heads, the things waiting to be talked about.

On the inside the tall shy teammate thinks about what she will eat, what she should eat, and what she did eat, and wishes she never actually had to eat again. On the outside she makes a sarcastic joke and feels butterflies in her stomach when the chatty teammate laughs. She tries to kill the butterflies with her mind.”

“In Jenna’s mind Ted is a sculptor, sitting behind the stages of their lives and constructing an atmosphere that will help them swim fast, fixing the little things that need to be fixed. In this role he is caring, helpful, devoting his efforts to the good of the girls and the team. And yet underneath her admiration, underneath her gratefulness, deep down Jenna knows that sometimes he walks a thin line between simple caring and the dark side of too much. Too much behind the scenes, too much outside of swimming, too much in their private lives.”



Debra: Hi, KC so glad you could join me today!

kc sprayberry picKC: I’m glad to be here, I know you have been really busy since I follow your blog and you are posting daily.  How do you find time to write too?

Debra: <laughs> This is fun stuff for me, I have to find time to read as it is an enjoyable and relaxing past time and writing a review afterwards just doesn’t take that long in the big picture. It will take longer to do our interview today than it did to write the last review and get it posted!  Thanks though, I know as an Author and mother to a teenager yourself, you are very busy too so I appreciate you taking some time for this.  Let’s get started then, shall we?

KC: Ok, but I’m a little nervous, so take it easy on me!  <laughs>

Debra: Oh, relax, this will be fun, just us girls chatting!  So, when you first started writing, how did you write (typewriter, iPad, laptop, pen, pencil)?