Not all wars are fought on the battlefield.

Arguably the first mainstream fiction book ever written about the Falklands War, Mind Wars is a story of trauma, redemption and love that challenges the stigma of PTSD and reflects on the tragic price veterans continue to pay for our freedom. 

As the Covid 19 pandemic spreads havoc across the world, Frank Drysdale, a Falklands war veteran, is unable to forget an unkept promise he made to a fellow soldier 39 years earlier. Realising his health is failing and time is running out, he embarks on a journey 8000 miles to the other side of the world in a desperate search for the truth.

An original story, Mind Wars is extensively researched and written with help from veterans and islanders.


“Roger has really captured the trauma of this condition and of the other servicemen involved in this War. The description around the islands took me back, as I was in all the mentioned areas, during the war.”

POMA Tony Rafferty, 845 NACS

“Mind Wars is a wake up call that captures the futility of war, a book that accurately describes the trauma of PTSD that continues to afflict not only war veterans but also millions of other victims of trauma around the world”

Dave (Charlie) Brown, 2 Para veteran


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