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ProjectTerminusBookCoverProject Terminus by Nathan Combs


Books come and go. Some endure for generations. Fortunately for avid readers of thriller novels, there’s a new gun in town taking this genre by storm and his name is Nathan Combs. If you enjoy authors such as Brad Thor and Nelson DeMille and are a fan of nonstop action, then you’re going to love the first book in his apocalyptic series, Project Terminus.

Nathan Combs gives us a terrifying yet believable glimpse into the very near future. He accomplishes this feat with style, humor, and horror—often in the same sentence. With well-defined characters you will love and love to hate, Combs has managed to weave tenderness, love, violence, hopelessness, and terror into the same tale. Project Terminus is an exceptionally thrilling read you’ll not soon forget.

Be warned, this is not a bedtime story. Reading it as such will certainly be cause for a restless night. Project Terminus is impossible to put down. Even after the surprise ending—which would make Alfred Hitchcock envious—you’ll find yourself still holding on to the edge of your seat!

Project Terminus doesn’t disappoint.

ABOUT THE AUTHORNathanCombsHeadshot

If anyone knows survival, it’s Nathan Combs. The avid outdoorsman has spent over fifty years practicing survival techniques. A navy veteran and former deputy sheriff, Combs has firsthand experience and for six years owned and operated a successful survival website. He’s turned his knowledge into works of helpful nonfiction and terrifyingly entertaining fiction; all relating to real life situations requiring tactical survival knowledge.


In the near future, financial collapse of the United States results in nationwide anarchy. Like dominos, the rest of the world follows the US into oblivion. Nuclear war followed by a viral pandemic decimates the globe, reducing the population to mere thousands.

In America, a group of survivors led by former SPECOPS Captain Wade Coltrane fight to survive and to regenerate society while protecting humanity from the greed of a faux king and a dysfunctional clan of sociopathic killers led by beautiful Russian psychopath, Nina Lutrova.

Will Project Terminus enable the development of a new nation or will greed and evil ultimately end civilization?


Project Terminus







When The System Fails: Will You Survive?












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