Book Details:

Book Title:  Love Madly by Tracey Hooker
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+) ,  284 pages
GenreContemporary Women’s Fiction
PublisherTracey Hooker
Release date:   May 2021
Content RatingPG-13: some f-words, violence, non-explicit sex scenes
Book Description:

One afternoon Jamie is so bored she forms lips with her left hand and kisses it. She is missing passion in her life. Her husband, Joe, always ready with a snide remark, catches her in the act. This time he’s speechless when Jamie quips that she’s “having an affair.”

The story is told in Jamie’s irreverent voice and blends two timelines–that of Jamie’s young years with her teenage soulmate, then her troubled marriage and ensuing Hollywood affair.
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Meet the Author:

Tracey Hooker is a creative thinker, writer and doer. She has a master’s degree in health administration and spent 16 years educating state legislators across the United States on critical public health issues. Tracey practices yoga, hikes in the Rockies, dabbles in watercolors, writes rap songs and donates blood. She has lived in California, Spain and Arizona, and now lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and her dog, Winnie.

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  1. Shelly Peterson says:

    Sounds like a great book.


  2. Celticlady says:

    Thanks for sharing!


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